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Chloe Bennet Tweets Her Support to Agents of Shield Fans

Chloe Bennet Tweets Her Support to Agents of Shield Fans

Chloe Bennet gave out all her support to the Agents of SHIELD fans on Twitter. She tweets it feels overwhelming with all the support that she is getting. She surely loves all her ride-or-die fans of the show.

Chloe Bennet






There are rumors that Chloe Bennet might don her Marvel outfit once again in Secret Invasion. However, there is no further confirmation!

Also, Clark Gregg just added fuel to all these rumors by saying that the show will be an MCU canon. In last week’s What If…? episode, fans saw Coulson making an appearance. This certainly brought a smile to the face of several fans. As for Chloe Bennet, she has already made it clear from the start that she will be glad to come back to Marvel Studio Productions if they asked her. Will we get to see her as a new character or as Quake? We still don’t know it yet! But she will be really glad to be back at the studios. And fans will surely welcome her back.


When Bennet was asked about her possible return, she said that the role has been a big part of her life. She started in the role at the age of 20 and now that she is 27, these past seven years playing this part seem surreal. Chloe says that these seven years have meant a lot to her.

She continued that once the show ends, probably that’s when it will hit her that she is done playing the role. She says that Coulson has died 800 times so she has hope that the studio might ask her to come back. Chloe Bennet remembers her time when she first auditioned for the role. She never imagined that the role and Agents of SHIELD will become such a huge part of her life.

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Written by Aditi Thosar