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‘Choose Your Fighter’: Mark Ruffalo Wants MCU Fans To Choose Which Version of Hulk They Like Best Before She-Hulk Premiere

As She-Hulk: Attorney At Law sets up for its big launch on Disney+ before the weekend, the series actor and Marvel veteran, Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter to celebrate the pre-launch occasion with a Hulk-certified message on Twitter. She-Hulk is the final Marvel Phase Four series and will tie up the chronology of events with the inclusion and introduction of several new characters to the MCU before the timeline moves on to the Phase conclusion with Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

She-Hulk stars Tatiana Maslany as the lead character, Jennifer Walters
She-Hulk features Tatiana Maslany as the lead character, Jennifer Walters

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Mark Ruffalo Celebrates Upcoming She-Hulk Launch

In a signature Ruffalo move, the heart-warming and humble actor has taken to the micro-blogging platform to engage the fans before the series premiere on Disney+ The post uploaded by Mark Ruffalo features four different variations of Hulk, all picked from different scenes and situations from within the series. The caption reads, “Which Hulk are you today? Choose your fighter ahead of the premiere of #SheHulk tomorrow”.

She-Hulk Attorney At Law
She-Hulk featuring Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo

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The tweet is an aftereffect of the bond that the two actors have struck up with their respective on-screen characters and debating over which Hulk is the better one. The two actors settled that debate by Ruffalo stating “It’s kind of a toss-up a little bit — maybe [Bruce Banner] a little bit more,” while Tatiana Maslany countered, “And maybe [Jennifer Walters] a little more — sometimes it’s more her, mostly.”

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Relevance of She-Hulk’s Induction to Mainstream MCU

With She-Hulk now a part of the Marvel timeline, the studio now has a wide range of possibilities for new projects as well as subsequent team-ups within the mainstream universe. The character getting as big a launch as this will not be a move made in vain and as far as Kevin Feige‘s vision is concerned for the future of this franchise, nothing is ever ventured into without a deeper underlying reason.

A-Force in Marvel Comics
She-Hulk sets up the introduction of A-Force within the MCU

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Given Marvel’s direction with the Multiversal Saga and the current streamlining of the narrative toward The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars plot, it might not be a reach to imagine the women of the MCU coming together to form the A-Force. All the characters are already on board and have been established properly within the timeline, and moreover, the plan might have just gotten the push it needed with Ruffalo recently confirming, “there’s not going to be another Avengers [movie] without her.”

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law launches on August 18, 2022, on Disney+

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