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“Chris and Alba have gotten serious”: Captain American Star Chris Evans is Serious About Making a Major Commitment With Girlfriend Alba Baptista

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Chris Evans has been declared the latest world’s sexiest man alive by People’s magazine. We recently saw the actor in Netflix’s Gray Man. The actor has been planning to settle down after an extremely long and successful career as a Hollywood actor, and now wants to take a break from the spotlight and get some respite in his suburban home. He talks about his relationships and reveals his plans to settle down.

Chris Evans is committed to Alba Baptista

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

Chris Evans revealed that he wants to have a life that is more balanced, and feels that he no longer could live out of his suitcase. He wants to prioritize his family and relationships, he told People’s magazine that home is where his heart is.

“When it comes to seeking out the people I play it’s more of an issue of where the movie shoots, I’m too old to be living out of a suitcase for six months and I’ve settled into a nicer phase where I’m just happy being at home.”

The star is happy with his life now, and is planning to marry and have kids soon. He says that the idea of kids and marriage is very pure to him, these are the things that he has to have in his life. He emphasized how finding love, and building a family together are things he looks forward to.

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Alba Baptista, Chris Evans’ Girlfriend.

“That’s something I want wife, kids, building a family. When you read about most of the best artists, whether it’s actors, painters, writers, most of them [admit] it wasn’t the work they made [that they are most proud of], it was about the relationships, the families they created, the love they found, the love they shared. So it’s also something through my long 41 years that also rings true. Those things are the most important. I love the idea of tradition and ceremony, I had a lot of that in my life so the idea of creating that, I can’t think of anything better.”

A source revealed Evans’ plans of settling down with his girlfriend, Baptista.

“Chris and Alba have gotten serious. This is the most committed anyone can remember him being in a very long time, if not ever.” The source revealed “They spend most of their time at his place in Massachusetts and love the quiet life there, surrounded by nature and away from the spotlight, Chris was very open that he wanted to take his time before settling down,

A source said that it is due to these reasons that he wants to settle down with his girlfriend. The heartthrob wants to first settle down with the girlfriend and spend some time with her before he takes the next step.

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Chris Evans said he has learned to be a good romantic partner

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Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor

Chris Evans said that through these years and so many relationships, he has learned more about his problematic areas. He also said how much being vulnerable means to him, as he searches for the same in his partner.

“You spend a lot of time learning what’s been helpful and what hasn’t been,” he says. “We all have patterns, hang-ups or baggage that repeat and echo, so I’ve really been able to kind of identify where I need improvement and what works. I also really see the value and strength behind saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ If you’re able in those vulnerable moments to stay calm and listen, and say you’re sorry even if you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong because it’s not from your perspective it’s from the other person’s I think that opens up a door in a very healthy way.”

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Chris Evans wants to have a healthy loving relationship, and have a partner who is vulnerable and mature. In an Instagram post, he and his girlfriend were seen trying to scare each other and have fun, and the heartwarming video finally confirmed their relationship. Evans is currently enjoying his suburban life in his house with his girlfriend, Alba Baptista. They are happy to be away from the spotlight and spending quality time together.

Source: UsWeekly

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