Chris Evans Is Afraid to Return as Captain America After Avengers: Endgame, Feels It Would Tarnish His Legacy in $28.7 Billion MCU Franchise

Chris Evans Is Afraid to Return as Captain America After Avengers: Endgame, Feels It Would Tarnish His Legacy in $28.7 Billion MCU Franchise

Chris Evans’ Captain America was one of Marvel’s best franchises based on a specific IP. Throughout his three titular film runs and his additional appearances in the Avengers movies, the actor found one of the most cohesive storylines and his character-building was something that was expansively explored within the Marvel Cinematic Universe with little to no flaws to the narrative structure.

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From rising to the occasion as the Captain to reuniting with his love at the end of it all, Chris Evans has given us a definitive Marvel superhero via what has undoubtedly been one of his best career performances.

Captain America in Endgames Battle of Earth
Captain America in Avengers: Endgame

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Chris Evans Addresses Returning as Captain America in MCU

Civil War actor Chris Evans had marched into the lives of an established Marvel fandom, fists raised, a garbage can lid as his defense, claiming I can do this all day” while getting beat down behind a Brooklyn alley of 1940s America. The story of Captain America is as familiar to the modern audience as it was to those who were fortunate enough to enjoy the newly published series of comics in the days of old. The ubiquitous symbol of the American ideal and the embodiment of the superheroic identity, Chris Evans has never stepped into the shoes of a fictitious person and represented him better.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America The First Avenger
Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger

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With the caliber of responsibility that usually comes attached with being the kind of superhero that Evans has been representing for the past decade, the immediate demand for reprisal is a must-ask, especially considering the nostalgia attached to his character from the era of the good ol’ MCU. But, Chris Evans has served his gracious term in the superhero suit and claims the same:


“I love that role. I love that chapter of my life. And it’s because of that love that I’m apprehensive of doing any more, because I’m just so precious about it, you know? You don’t want to tarnish this great thing that I got to be a part of.”

In his departure, the actor delivered a farewell that was, at best, tragic and yet combined with feelings of immense understanding and closure. The exit marked by Chris Evans was more cathartic than the sudden and numbing blows dealt by the sacrifices of Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson‘s Iron Man and Black Widow.

Chris Evans Speaks of Anthony Mackie’s New World Order

Although Chris Evans may have said his goodbyes, the mantle of Captain America is far from being diminished to the identity of a single man or soldier. After a brief and harrowing turn with US Agent in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie‘s Sam Wilson had to get over his grief of losing his partner to the trenches of time and the disrespect he considered owing to his friend by donning the suit of Captain America. Chris Evans claimed in an interview with Good Morning America:


To come back, it would have to be for the right reasons, right timing. It feels a little too soon. Anthony Mackie is Captain America right now. There are other stories to tell. For now, we ended on such a good note. I would be too worried about tarnishing…”

Cap at the final battle against Thanos
Cap and the Avengers assemble at the final battle against Thanos in Endgame

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The Marvel universe now has left behind the history marked by the $28.7 billion franchise. Building on the remnants of that past, the Multiverse Saga takes over with Kang and his endless variants. Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson aka Falcon who has now taken on Captain America’s role as well, in a hybrid mix of his two identities will establish his fully formed superhero arc in Captain America: New World Order before the culmination of the Multiverse Saga can wreak havoc across all time and reality.


Captain America: New World Order premieres on May 3, 2024.

Source: Good Morning America



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