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‘The Ability Alone… You Can’t Beat That’: Chris Evans Reveals Only Marvel Superhero Whose Powers He’s Jealous of (And It’s Not Iron Man)

Chris Evans is known for Captain America, the superhero he has been playing for eight years in many Marvel films, but he was not his favorite character while growing up. In a recent interview, he talked about the character he desires to be and it’s definitely not Iron Man this time.

Chris Evans picked his favorite Marvel character
Chris Evans picked his favorite Marvel character

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The Captain America actor picks his favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe hero, the hero whose powers he might like to have, and surprisingly it isn’t Captain America either. Any wild guesses? Well, he picked up a character whose power is unbeatable according to him.

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Chris Evans Reveals His Favorite Marvel Character

Paul Bettany's 'Vision' is Captain America's favorite
Paul Bettany’s ‘Vision’ is Captain America’s favorite

In a group interview with his fellow Marvel actors, the actor is quizzed about whom he would like to switch powers with. He played Captain America for more than 8 years if we count and his role is loved by everyone. But surprisingly he doesn’t choose his own character. Instead, he calls out “Vision” played by Paul Bettany.

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With his superhuman strength, supreme intelligence, and the ability to phase through physical objects, this character clearly made a spot in Chris Evans’s heart and he desires his powers and calls him “unbeatable”. After revealing his favorite character the actor adds “but not the makeup” making his fellow actors laugh.

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Chris Evans Picks Paul Bettany’s ‘Vision’ as a Personal Favorite

Chris-Evans and Paul Bettany
Chris-Evans and Paul Bettany

The great thing about these two is, however, that they are both very passionate and committed to their role, still, their personal and professional differences never affected their relationship. And the positive comment and praise for each other represent their respect and bond, even though they didn’t pair together often.

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Chris Evans also previously chosen Robert Downey Jr. as the other favorite MCU actor that he would want to swap characters with, but that doesn’t mean he is blind about his picks. Ever since Chris Evans finished his arc as Captain America in Avengers: Endgame, that doesn’t portray the end. He has been busy spreading out and trying other roles outside the comic book movies.

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Written by Shreeparna Das