Chris Evans Talks Coronavirus Quarantine Life

Chris Evans is globally loved for his portrayal of Captain America. People feel nobody else could have done justice to that character. Here, he talks about his Quarantine Life.

Evans Calls Quarantine Life as Monk-Life

Chris Evans
Chris Evans has gained mass popularity with his portrayal of Captain Steve Rogers.

Chris Evans gave an interview, which included an update on his Quarantine Life. The Captain America star spoke to a Dutch website, and a fan account, @cevanssweater, received a translation of what he said. Most of the Hollywood stars have a pause in their lives. Evans is no exception to this because he huddled up with his friend Dodger back in Massachusetts. While it’s a little more casual, that’s not what the Marvel star runs from. In reality, he called the new-found routine “monk-like” and claimed that the arrangement had helped him. 

What the Star had to Say

Chris Evans
Chris Evans loves to spend time with his dog, Dodger.

Chris said, “I spend most of the day with my dog in the kitchen or the garden. Clearly, my dog is the big winner there. I’m trying to bring a schedule to each day. I’m someone who likes staying at home, and I don’t need to go out every day. The vast majority of my free time now goes to Dodger and reading books.” Speaking further, he said, “And my sleeping style is much better as well. Generally, I’m in bed at 9:30 pm and up at 7 am. Again every single day. It sounds a bit like the life of a monk, but that’s how I like it. The downside is that I now have more time to fine-tune my day.”

Chris Evans on the Pandemic Scenario

Chris Evans
The actor feels everything will get normal and we just have to wait patiently.

Several projects were delayed due to the coronavirus, and Marvel Studios even had to deal with it. Evans is in the pipeline for at least two other non-superhero projects, but those will have to wait. He said, “It’s all on hold now. To be frank, I don’t expect too many issues and I think that, once the crisis is over, we can all pick up the thread. These ventures are still in their infancy, so there’s no money or research wasted yet.” The actor has a very positive outlook towards quarantine life and can surely learn from him.

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