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Chris Evans, The Rock & More Post Adorable Photos For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Thoughts Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown


The families of Hollywood stars are observing Mother’s Day, and it’s been amusing to see every one of their posts. Chris Evans, Zoe Kravitz, and The Rock all have been addressed. There are some truly entertaining stories alongside these clasps for social media. In case you’re on Instagram, you can normally rely on Mother’s Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving to be loaded with individuals posting their friends and family (And food too!). Moms are keeping many of these families together with their  busy timetables and responsibilities. For those stars who perform and deal with their families, it tends to be a lot to ask. Be that as it may, they will in general keep every one of these plates turning to adjust their schedule.


From Chris Hemsworth to Chris Evans, take a look at the Hollywood celebrities who took to their Instagram to post Mother’s Day wishes


The Thor actor took to his IG and wished his wife a Happy Mother’s Day. The couple has three kids together. The actor shared a photo of his wife Elsa with his kids. While sharing the message, Chris wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving, hardworking, kid bearing, bar-raising, a husband-putting-up woman out there!! We bow down to you”.

Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson shared a picture with his mom and penned down a lengthy note for her. In his message, the actor wrote that he was fortunate to have his mom beside him . A portion of Dwayne’s note cited , “I always say if you got to be a good mother, then you have a real shot at turning out to be a great human being. Man, I got lucky. My mom’s been through it all….cancer survivor, evictions, head-on collision by a truck driver, suicide attempt (and to this day she has zero memory of me pulling her off the middle of the highway avoiding oncoming traffic) and years of being married to a ramblin’ pro wrestler. Tough life.Tougher woman”.

 Kourtney Kardashian

The silverscreen TV star took to her Instagram and wished her mother Kris Jenner on Mother’s Day. Kourtney shared a throwback picture of her and her mother and wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day @krisjenner !! For all that you’ve taught us, for the lessons, the laughters, for every single moment, I love you so much and am so grateful for you”.

 Chris Evans

The Captain America star took to his Instagram and wished his mother and all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day. The actor shared pictures of himself with his mother and wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! (But especially mine)”.

 Courtney Cox

The FRIENDS star shared a post of her daughter Coco singing while she played the piano and wished Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. Courtney Cox wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to all those out there who are mothers, have been mothers, will be mothers, or love like mothers.

Ben Affleck

The actor took to his Instagram and wished his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, with three kids, a Happy Mother’s Day. Ben shared some throwback pictures of his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and his kids. He wrote, “So happy to share these kids with you. Luckiest parents in the world. Thanks for all the love you give me. Happy Mother’s Day. Love, their Dad”.


Natalie Portman


The actor shared an image and wrote down a passionate note or her mom on the event of Mother’s Day. Natalie, in her post, expressed, “I’m so thankful for my mother. This is the point at which we went to an outside opera together and it began pouring mid-show and neither of us could put on our ponchos right and we appeared as though we were wearing trash containers. I love her so much and chuckle harder with her than with anybody. We are more appreciative for her now than any time in recent memory. I send my adoration and appreciation to every one of the moms out there who accomplish such a great deal and with such a lot of affection”.

Sebastian Stan

Popularly known as Bucky from Captain America, Sebastian Stan took to instagram to present an adorable picture of babay himself alongside his mother and penned down an emotional note.He thanked his mother for supporting and encouraging him in every lows of their lives and dedicated his success to her.

Chris Pratt

Zoe Saldana

James Gunn

The Director of Guardians of The Galaxy showcased his love for his parents and was eager to meet and hug his parents. They had been away for about a year and a half.


Kris Jenner


“Thank you for raising me to be strong and independent and for loving me the way you do,” Jenner wrote about her mother, Mary Jo “MJ” Campbell.”To my beautiful daughters who are moms, I am so proud of you girls and the mothers you have become.”

Gigi Hadid


Gigi is one of the top models in the world and was also featured in the British Magazine for Being the Top International Model.She took to IG to wish “Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible women (& men & non-binary people!) who take on the role of a selfless, unconditionally loving, epically strong role model, leader, & SUPER HERO 24/7, 365,” she wrote alongside the photo.


These were some of the famous folks who showed their gratitude for their mothers on Social media. Comment down what you feel about their posts.

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