Chris Hemsworth can’t keep up with all the Marvel shows either’: Thor Star Has Seen Only 1 Episode of Loki Till Now

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After Phase 3 ended, many fans presumed that over-saturation for MCU movies would not be a thing. People waited for over 18 months to get the first Phase 4 project and even until Loki and Shang-Chi, it still seemed that Marvel was going strong. But the problems began after that as Eternals and Hawkeye came into the mix. No Way Home was still a high point, but Hawkeye proved that the over-saturation of the MCU was real. And then the likes of Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk proved that point even further. With MCU episodes coming out every week, they clearly lost their specialty. So many people did not tune into She-Hulk as it has gotten really hard to keep up with the Marvel shows. Now, even Chris Hemsworth has agreed to this.

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Chris Hemsworth Can’t Keep Up With Marvel

The Thor actor recently appeared on the infamous Happy Sad Confused Podcast with Josh Horowitz and he confirmed that even he couldn’t keep up with all of Marvel’s shows. Here, watch what Horowitz posted on Twitter:


Just one episode of Loki? That’s crazy! Many would agree that Loki is the crown jewel of the Disney+ MCU shows, so he ought to have finished at least that. But it’s true. Marvel shows have become hard to keep up with.


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Limitless with Chris Hemsworth
Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

You’d understand that Chis Hemsworth has been super busy. Ever since late 2020, he filmed the Limitless series, Thor: Love and Thunder, Netflix’s Extraction 2, and his upcoming Furiosa prequel. So those were 4 projects that required a lot of time and mental and physical strength. After that, he announced that he is going to take a break for the next year or so and be more present at home with his kids growing up. So maybe he could go on to finish Loki and the other projects then. Or maybe not since he is involved with the makings of these projects anyway. But what about others??


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Marvel’s Expansive Schedule

MCU phase 4 has included more diversity and new superheroes
MCU Phase 4 has included more diversity and new superheroes

Phase 4 brought in a total of 17 projects including 7 live actions shows, 7 movies, 1 animated series, 1 series of shorts, and 2 special presentations. Now, Phase 5 is going to raise this number even further. We have at least 3 movies coming out in 2023 – Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and The Marvels. Then there are 3 presumed shows which include Secret Invasion, Echo, and Ironheart. So once again, at least 2 of these 3 shows risk having low viewership since Echo and Ironheart are largely unknown characters. Ultimately, they would be adding to the problem of over-saturation too.


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Marvel Phase 5 and 6
Marvel Phase 5 & 6 announced a multitude of projects

To follow these shows, we’ve got Agatha Coven of Chaos, Daredevil: Born Again, Wonder Man, Okoye (Midnight Angels), and many others that have been announced or hinted at. So, if people are finding it hard to keep up with the current slate, then they’d only find it even harder to make time for the upcoming shows almost every other week in a year. Don’t you agree???


Source: Happy Sad Confused

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