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Chris Hemsworth Hated Being Called the Next Arnold Schwarzenegger, Said He Only Chooses Good Movie Scripts With “Real Actors”

Chris Hemsworth Hated Being Called the Next Arnold Schwarzenegger, Said He Only Chooses Good Movie Scripts With "Real Actors"

Chris Hemsworth may be rising the charts of Hollywood at a fast pace, but he has his own fair share of likes and dislikes when it comes to being interviewed. As do the other actors. Not everything said by the media is liked by the celebrities and the actor is no exception to it. In fact, the actor did not hesitate to talk about how upset he was because of something an interview once said.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

Arnold Schwarzenegger stands to be one of the biggest names in Hollywood and his movies turned out to be old classics everyone seemed to enjoy. However, having been compared to Hemsworth, the Thor actor was far from pleased with the idea. He had to talk about the displeasure he experienced afterward.

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Chris Hemsworth Was Not Okay By Being Compared To Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Hemsworth has been seen promoting a lot of fitness and health tips as well as showing off his physique. He has worked really hard on it and it clearly showed. The fame he got from entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe put a lot of attention on his physique and the question of how he even managed to get in such good shape developed.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I got asked the other day, did you always want to be the next Schwarzenegger? And I thought, that’s what you’ve got from what I’ve done? I was really disappointed, like I thought, you know, that I’d chosen these scripts and loved them because they had real actors in them and real story and heart, and sometimes with films the action overshadows anything else.”

As an action star, there is a lot that goes into working on one’s physique and therefore he was compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger. This did not sit well with the actor at all. He confirmed that he was extremely disappointed upon learning about such a comparison and continued to state that his goal was never to be standing next to the actor.

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Chris Hemsworth Goes For Better Scripts Than Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Hemsworth went on to point out that those movies which primarily focus on action lack a solid script or even proper actors. Their main premise remains to be action and the art of fighting. He focused on how Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen in movies similar to or exactly of that genre.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

“What both of them have though, I feel more so than ever, is that we’re combining themes in movies, it’s not much that it’s either an action film or a romance film or a comedy, it’s like, all these films now have all these themes colliding together and creating these big adventures.”

On the other hand, Hemsworth pointed out that he liked to blend genres and would go for movies that had more depth than their focus on just being an action movie star. A proper story and sub-genres are a compulsory need for the actor when he is choosing scripts.

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Source: ABC News


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