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Mad Max: Furiosa Rumored To Give Chris Hemsworth a Role So Gritty it Could Make Thor Look Like a Cakewalk

Mad Max: Furiosa Rumored To Give Chris Hemsworth a Role So Gritty it Could Make Thor Look Like a Cakewalk

Chris Hemsworth is lined-up for great endeavors ahead. While Thor: Love and Thunder proved to be a disastrous attempt, the renowned actor embodied his portrayal to its fullest potential – especially with the material he had to work with. Now, the actor is set to appear in the 2024 Mad Max film, which is said to be both a spin-off and a prequel. What has intrigued the fans for a while now is the role the MCU alum has been signed up for.

A scene from Mad Max: Fury Road
A scene from Mad Max: Fury Road

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Just a few months ago and even recently, some set photos made their way to the audiences, who seemed to have been flabbergasted at the actor’s transformation for the George Miller-directed and co-written premise. Back then, many were unaware of what character Chris Hemsworth was supposed to play, as much of the details were under wraps.

However, many fans have deduced that the actor might be playing the role of Dr. Dementus, a warlord of the Wasteland, who was first mentioned in the 2015 Mad Max video game.

What Chris Hemsworth’s Role In Furiosa Might Promise

Thor FandomWire
Chris Hemsworth as Thor

To see an actor, who has primarily served to portray characters in a more heroic light, be thrown amidst the horrifyingly untamed setting of the Mad Max universe would be quite intriguing indeed. Tinged with gutsy, spunky desolation and carnage to account for, the acclaimed franchise would provide a great, dynamic playing field for Chris Hemsworth. Months back, it was confirmed that the Extraction star would be taking on the challenging task of portraying the central villain of Furiosa.

Hemsworth is no stranger to an antagonistic depiction, having embodied Steve Abnesti, in a mad scientist-esque role, in the 2022 film, Spiderhead. However, to engage in an elaborately assembled dystopian world in the face of constant degradation would offer an opportunity to transcend beyond the “charismatic, comedic, and charming hero” typecasting the actor often seems to be restricted within.

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction

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Credits where it’s due; attempts have certainly been made on the actor’s behalf to break away from the compartmentalized treatment. Nonetheless, Hemsworth’s efforts in Furiosa will perhaps work towards establishing himself as one of the most versatile Hollywood talents in the contemporary scene.

Breaking Free From The Shackles Of PG-13

The rumored role will allow Chris Hemsworth to delve deep into the grotesque and grittier fight sequences usually associated with the action-packed franchise. For those unaware of the speculations on Dr. Dementus’ character and what he ought to bring to the table in Furiosa, we might have to see whether or not the film is reliant on the 2015 video game as its source material.

In there, revelations suggested that Scabrous Scrotus, the game’s main antagonist, had killed Dementus in the Wasteland Wars.

Chris Hemsworth would love to be on the show
Chris Hemsworth’s transcendence from the PG-13 shackles

If the film, too, is centered around such an encounter, then the promising battle would be marvelous, yet a bizarre sight to witness. In the official synopsis for Furiosa, it is mentioned that the Anya Taylor-Joy-led character (which is typically portrayed by Charlize Theron), will see herself be snatched by the “great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus.” Furthermore, it detailed a journey through the Wasteland, which leads them to Immortan Joe’s Citadel.

While the sequel will be centered around the trials and tribulations faced by Imperator Furiosa on her quest to find a way back home, the “two tyrants” are set to engage in a war of dominance. To see Chris Hemsworth’s character face-off against one of the most iconic antagonists, portrayed by Hugh Keays-Byrne in the 2015 film, would mark an extraordinary affair. To say it would lead to a devastatingly harrowing battle would be an understatement.

Immortan Joe
Immortan Joe

While the popular theory and alleged rumors point to Chris Hemsworth as Dr. Dementus, many are of the opinion that the actor may also, in a shocking twist of events, portray a younger Immortan Joe. While such possibilities cannot be ascertained, it is quite entertaining and thrilling to envision everyone’s beloved Thor metamorphosing into a frighteningly sinister antagonist.

Needless to say, Hemsworth’s involvement within the franchise in itself is signaling an end to the role he’s usually renowned for. Straying away from the MCU constraints of consistent PG-13 premises, the audiences may get to see a well-fleshed-out villain that blurs the lines of morality.

Ultimately, while the nitty-gritty of the plot is yet to be revealed, people will soon uphold Chris Hemsworth beyond his typically lighthearted depictions – a role so gritty and challenging that it puts his MCU endeavors to shame.

The fans simply cannot wait.

Furiosa, directed and co-written by George Miller and starring Anya Taylor-Joy in the titular role, is slated for a 24 May 2024 release.

Written by Debdipta Bhattacharya

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