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Chris Hemsworth Revealed One Avengers Star Will Be a “Pretty bad agent” in Will Smith’s Men in Black Universe

Chris Hemsworth Revealed One Avengers Star Will Be a "Pretty bad agent" in Will Smith's Men in Black Universe

The Marvel stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thomson took charge as leads in the Will Smith franchise Men in Black in the year 2019. Although the response to the movie was lukewarm, it was somewhat of an enjoyable watch overall. One of the few prospects that excited people to watch the movies was to see an Avenger play the black-suited agent. Although some might argue, that Hemsowth did not do a great job portraying the character, others wonder which Avenger star would fit the role perfectly, and who would be a total disaster.

In a chat with BollywoodLife, the Thor actor was asked to share his thoughts on which Avenger co-star he felt might not excel in the role of a super secret agent. And to everyone’s surprise, almost every MCU fan can agree with the name he picked.

Chris Hemsworth in Men in Black: International
Chris Hemsworth in Men in Black: International

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Which Avenger Star Would Be a “Pretty Bad” Men in Black Agent According to Chris Hemsworth?

As Chris Hemsworth starred in Men in Black movie in 2019 alongside his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thomson, many were eager to know if any other MCU actors would be any good at it as well. Thus, BollywoodLife, took it upon themselves to ask the most coveted question to the Thor star when they got an opportunity to interview him. He stated,

 “Well, I brought Tessa (Thompson) to this universe (laughs). I will bring in Mark Ruffalo here too. He’s funny and we enjoyed and had fun while working on Thor: Ragnarok. He will be a pretty bad agent, wouldn’t he?”

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo‘s ability to keep things under wraps is not the best, to say the least. His knack for unintentionally revealing confidential information has become something of an open secret in Hollywood. As Rufallo on more than one occasion, has spilled the beans when it comes to the highly protected hush-hush MCU details. Therefore was the obvious choice for the position, and Chris Hemsworth did not miss even a beat.

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Which Among the Original 5 Would Be the Best at This Job?

When asked about the person, who would be a stark contrast to the Hulk actor in this regard, the actor without hesitation answered Scarlet Johansson. In the same BollywoodLife interview, Hemsworth stated,

“The best one would be… let me think. It would be Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow). She is good at keeping secrets, you see.”

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

In contrast to her co-stars Ruffalo and Tom Holland, Johansson on the other hand is the ultimate secret keeper. And thus, is the go-to-gal for any confidential information required to be kept securely under wraps. In addition to her exceptional talent of keeping secrets safe, her portrayal of Black Widow in the MCU has honed her to be the most fitting candidate to be an MIB agent. She already has all the skills required and more to handle top-secret missions and fight aliens all while looking incredibly sleek.

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