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Chris Hemsworth Reveals Kristen Stewart Punched Him In Movie Set

Marvel star Chris Hemsworth recollected being punched by Kristen Stewart on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman.

A Dark Spin On A Classic Fairytale

Snow-White-and-the-Huntsman Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth played Eric the Huntsman in the 2012 retelling of the classic German tale Snow White, opposite Stewart, who played Snow White. The movie is a gritty remake filled with striking cinematography, stunning visual effects, and darker themes. Other cast included Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen Ravenna, and Bob Hoskins as Muir The Dwarf.

The story follows Snow White’s escape from the ruthless hands of the Evil Queen and into the terrifying forest. The queen hires Eric to seek the young maiden and bring her back to the castle. Upon finding her in the heart of the dark enchanted forest, he changed his mind.

Chris Hemsworth On Being Punched

Snow White and the Huntsman Chris Hemsworth

In one scene where Eric tried to pacify Snow White, she punched him on the chin. It was supposed to be a fake punch, but Stewart was too carried away that she actually hit him. Hemsworth spoke with GQ and revealed that he has forgiven his co-star:

Oh yeah, I was more upset she didn’t continue on through the take. She kind of hit me and immediately went, ‘Oh my god! I’m so sorry.’ I was like ‘That would’ve been the perfect, most truthful take we had. I think she was more upset than I was,” he explained.

Chris Hemsworth

As an actor, Hemsworth took the accident on the chin and brushed it off like nothing, not even holding a grudge against Stewart. He just laughed and actually wished she did not stop and apologize so the scene would look more authentic.

Many accidents happen during fight scenes, and the danger that comes with it is already part of the job. Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart remain on good terms, the former acknowledging that mishaps do happen sometimes.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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