Chris Hemsworth To Play The Lead In Mad Max: Furiosa?

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Best known for portraying Marvel comic book hero Thor, Hollywood megastar Chris Hemsworth may be joining the Warner Bros production’s franchise, Mad Max, very soon.


The Australian Director George Miller’s Mad Max franchise, which has been hailed as one of Hollywood’s finest production, is moving ahead with a prequel focused on a younger Furiosa. Earlier this year, The New York Times revealed that the prequel would not include Mad Max star Rockatansky, rather a different male hero, a “breathtakingly handsome” dude with “an angel’s face, scarred by a deep forehead wound stitched together with shiny chrome staples” would be featured.

According to the most recent reports by The Illuminerdi, Chris Hemsworth is being eyed by the studio for the role of Dementus. While it’s important to pay heed to the fact that the Thor star hasn’t officially announced his arrival in the franchise, Warner Bros. is reportedly very keen to get the actor on board.


According to reports, George Miller hopes to start the shooting in 2021. However, it is unclear what percentage of the project is in works. Miller previously stated that the production won’t start on the film until he’s finished his fantasy epic Three Thousand Years of Longing, which was already delayed due to COVID-19. It was also reported that legal disputes between Miller and WB Studios had held up the development of the fifth film in the franchise.

Charlize Theron who previously played the character of Furiosa in Fury Road got widely acclaimed for her role, but Miller confirmed she won’t return for the prequel. He told the New York Times that CGI de-aging technology, which was used in The Irishman, still isn’t good enough and “there’s still an uncanny valley.”


The release date of the prequel is yet to be declared but the filming and production is on the schedule to start in early 2021.

Source: The Illuminerdi


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