Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Love and Thunder Workout Routine

Getting jacked sounds fun but it sure ain’t easy. You can ask Chris Hemsworth. Chris took his
role as a god too seriously, building a physique that can rival The Rock. The last we saw of
Thor, he resembled melted ice cream and was a long shot from god-bod. While Chris didn’t
follow Thor, he still needs to be at peak condition for the movie. Check out Hemsworth’s workout
routine if you want to look like the God of Thunder

Chris Hemsworth working on his Thor physique
Chris Hemsworth working on his Thor physique

“So there’s the working out, there’s the food, and there’s the sleep,” Hemsworth explained.
“When you approach health like that and are concentrated in making sure you respect each of
those three things as much as the other two, you can quickly find balance, and from balance,
you gain structure and a base on which you can succeed.”

Chris trains twice a day for 2 hours each, five times a week. That’s 20 hours a week! Not too
sure about following that now huh…..

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He also prefers to use bodyweight training methods rather than weights. Yoga has become a fundamental part of his routine as well.

Chris Hemsworth Shows off his arm muscles
Chris Hemsworth Shows off his arm muscles

Here is his detailed workout plan –

Battle ropes, 40 reps
Med ball slam, 10 reps
Close-grip triceps push-up on the ball, 10 reps
Reverse lunge & bicep curl, 10 reps
Sit-through, 10 reps on both side
(Hemsworth does ten rounds of these)

This exercise starts with battle ropes, which is a classic CrossFit-style exercise. Research from
several universities in Taiwan found battling rope training improves multiple physical
dimensions, including “aerobic capacity, upper-body and lower-body power, agility, and core
muscle endurance”.

Your forearms and biceps will burn with the effort of slamming these heavy ropes over and over,
while your core and legs must remain tense, which activates those muscle groups too.

thor love and thunder
Chris Hemsworth in Thor Love And Thunder

Hemsworth seems to love them so much it’s made its way into the new Thor: Love and Thunder
movie. In the film, Hemsworth’s titular thunder god can be seen losing a lot of weight by
performing his favorite battling rope exercise—using hilariously large chains, of course. This is
how quoting Korg, “Thor went from Dad bod to God bod.” Well he’s got to fight a God Butcher
so he needs to get in shape.


Chris Hemsworth keeping in shape
Chris Hemsworth keeping in shape

Chris has also begun boxing for forearm exercise and power training. He put out a video of him
boxing which received praise from MMA fighters Max Holloway and Donald Cerrone. Boxing is an effective tool for bicep and triceps workouts while improving cardiovascular capacity. Looks like
the next time we see Thor, he’s gonna be packing one hell of a punch.

Well now that you have seen what goes behind building Thor, do you think you have what it takes?