Chris Hemsworth’s $760M Marvel Movie Look Fuels Gigachad Steroid Surgery Rumors: “Steroids can make your jaw more square”

Chris Hemsworth's $760M Marvel Movie Look Fuels Gigachad Steroid Surgery Rumors: "Steroids can make your jaw more square"
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Chris Hemsworth is a charming  Australian star who has successfully sustained his star power in the entertainment industry. Hemsworth has collaborated with the most in-demand filmmakers on the most anticipated projects and steadily established himself as the leading actor in showbiz. 


In addition to his outstanding acting skills, his sultry physique often leaves his fans in awe of him. But over the past few months, fans have been making bombshell speculations regarding his change in physical appearance, specifically his chiseled jawline. Last year, a Reddit post went viral in which the user compared his old picture with his recent image and claimed that the actor might have done jaw surgery.

Did Chris Hemsworth Undergo Plastic Surgery To Get Sharp Jaw?

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth faced rejection for his height

Chris Hemsworth has an uncanny acting talent. He began his career in showbiz by appearing in several television shows and later became an integral part of several commercially hit projects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


Over the years, the actor has proved that he can take on even the most complex roles and make them look raw and untamed. Today Hemsworth is one of the biggest stars in American cinema, all thanks to his show-stopping performances on the silver screen. 

Chris Hemsworth went through an insane physical transformation to get a phenomenal physique for his Marvel character Thor, which is the envy of millions of fans around the globe. However, rumors are flying online that the actor might have undergone plastic surgery to make his jaw look more chiseled and sharp.

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Fans Spot Major Difference in Chris Hemsworth’s Physical Appearance

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

There has been much chatter online regarding Chris Hemsworth’s sculpted jawline, so much that some even speculate that the Men in Black: International movie actor had done a jaw job to make it even more appealing and sharper. Many fans claimed that the Extraction star’s jaw no longer appears to be the same as it did during the initial years of his career in Hollywood. 

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Over the years, several actors have done major to minor surgeries to make them look even more attractive. Earlier, Zac Efron received criticism for his change in physical appearance as fans speculated that he possibly has done multiple modifications to his face.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

Read what fans have commented regarding Chris Hemsworth’s Jaw implant rumors.

A user commented on the viral Reddit post, “Steroids can make your jaw grow/looking bigger/more square,” while another claimed that he might have done the same procedure as Efron, “They look exactly the same now. Is this the male surgery/body mod trend? They both live in Australia, so probably the same surgeon.”

One user wrote, “Makes him look like the Gigachad memes,” another added, “I think it’s a combo of steroids and work though I see lip filler and hair plugs.”

Chris Hemsworth is a brilliant actor who has starred in some of the most talked about films, like Avengers: Endgame, Star Trek, Thor: Ragnarok, The Cabin in the Woods, Marvel’s The Avengers, and Rush.


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