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Chris Pratt Drops Guardians of the Galaxy Bomb During James Gunn Watchalong

Chris Pratt Drops Guardians of the Galaxy Bomb During James Gunn Watchalong
James Gunn reveals Star-Lord's secret!

Recently, during ComicBook’s Quarantine Watch Party, the Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn revealed a lot of secrets. 

James Gunn drops a knowledge bomb!

James Gunn Archives - Us Weekly
Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista with James Gun (L to R)

Gunn disclosed – during the screening of the film – he told his perspective of Star-Lord dropping the precious orb when presenting it to the Collector. He said “[Chris Pratt] dropped the orb on accident because I thought he did.” Later he added how last year Chris Pratt confessed to him that “[Chris Pratt] he actually did it on purpose.” But then Gun further admitted how he only “believe[s] him about 90%.”

Chris Pratt responds

As James Gunn was giving us a little bloopers, Chris Pratt went on to join him on Twitter. Responding to Gunn, he said that it was “[a] hundred percent intentional.” The star added that he believes it was “better to ask forgiveness than permission.” Further, the Guardians of the Galaxy fame Star-Lord did not mind sharing where he learned this life lesson. He added “I learned that doing Parks and Rec. I smashed everything on that set.” It is noteworthy that even here the Star-Lord didn’t lose his clumsy demeanor. 

The Guardian Family

The Doctor's Prognosis: Guardians of the Galaxy - Review
The Guardians of the Galaxy family is still well-knit

This light moment they publicly shared after six years of the incident. It is a testimony to how closely-knit the Guardians of the Galaxy family is. In fact, James Gunn shared the Quarantine Watch Party with  Rocket and Kraglin actor Sean Gunn, Grandpa Quill actor Gregg Henry, Bereet actress Melia Kreiling, and VFX editor Stephane Ceretti.

Source: ComicBook, Twitter

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