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Chris Pratt Solves Major Back To The Future Plot Hole

Back to the Future Plot Hole

Recently, the controversy over an apparent plot hole in ‘Back to the Future’ reigned amid the recent “5 Perfect Movies” trend on Twitter. That is, until Bob Gale, the screenwriter, closed the case.

A Perfect Film or a Favorite Movie?

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James Gunn has shared his thoughts on what he thinks are perfect movies.

Across Twitter, Marvel director James Gunn concluded, “a perfect film can be different from a favorite movie, or decent movie. A classic film is one that sings from beginning to end without any noticeable errors, be they visual or structural. He referred to the 1985’s Back to the Future, saying, “Back to the Future apparently might be imperfect.” He said he will still say that it is a great film. Since there are explanations why that might be the case (time prevents itself from unraveling, etc.)

The Uncanny Resemblance

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With quarantine and self-isolation leading to lots of movie watching and online trending topics, celebs like Chris Pratt are getting involved.

Gunn’s Guardians of Galaxy star Chris Pratt responded by describing the situation as best he had seen it. He said, “Maybe they remember him tho, not as Marty, like Calvin. When Marty returns to the present day of 1985, it may have been years. After maybe his parents originally noticed the effect similar between their son and that high school kid 20 years earlier.” Gale, the author for Back to the Future, resolved the dispute once and for all on Wednesday.

A Hazy Recollection!

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Back to the Future is a 1985 American science fiction film directed by Zemeckis and Bob Gale.

Gale added, “But I’d ask someone to look back to their high school days. Ask yourself how well they remember a kid who may have been at their school for just a semester. Or someone you went out with only one time. If you didn’t have a photo reference, after 25 years, you’d probably have a hazy memory. He said, most of us would be flipping through our yearbooks from high school. And consider pictures of our teenage classmates bearing some resemblance to our kids.

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