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Chris Pratt Tells Fans He’s Okay After Conor-Khabib Match At UFC 229

Chris Pratt Reassures Marvel Fans Hes Ok After Chaos at Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov Match at UFC 229

Infinity War star Chris Pratt was present in the audience when a sudden fight broke out in the crowd at UFC 229. The actor later took to Twitter to assure fans that he wasn’t caught up in the mishap.

“Thanks for everyone’s concern,” Pratt tweeted. “I’m all good! Had such a great night! It’s just like us to focus on the craziest moment of any media event. But for real- post-fight scuffle aside- let’s not forget the Ferguson Pettit fight.”

However, when a fan asked the actor why didn’t he get involved in the fight, Pratt replied that he’s not actually a superhero, just plays one.

“Several official people had it shut down in no less than 5 seconds,” Pratt tweeted. “I’m just a spectator. Security and police had it buttoned up immediately. But thanks for the vote of confidence!”

Pratt added that he was pleased by Derrick Lewis’ victory at the event.

“Heck Yes! Derrick is a good man who helped a lot of Texans out during Harvey,” Pratt tweeted, referring to the Hurricane Harvey, which battered Texas in 2017. “Loved watching him get that win.”

Pratt also clarified that his picture in the crowd was not clicked during the fight but after Lewis had won the match.

“That was actually after Derrick won,” he tweeted. “I don’t advocate unsanctioned violence.”

For those who don’t know, a brawl broke out after the main event where defending Champion Khabib Nurmagomedev defeated Conor McGregor but the fight didn’t end there.

After the fight, Nurmagomedev jumped out of the octagon and started fighting with McGregor’s team. While everyone got distracted by this, a spectator from the crowd, came inside the octagon and assaulted McGregor.

As Pratt notes, it wasn’t even long before security came inside the octagon and the chaos was put to an end, but many fans were absolutely shocked to see such chaos.

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