Chris Pratt’s Replacement in the New Jurassic World Movie, Jonathan Bailey is Not Messing Around as He Gets Jacked For the Biggest Role of His Career

After Chris Pratt, it's now Jonathan Bailey who is preparing for his journey to Jurassic World.

Chris Pratt, Jonathan Bailey


  • Jonathan Bailey is potentially fronting the next Jurassic World movie, in place of Chris Pratt.
  • The Bridgerton actor appears to be undertaking rigorous fitness training for his potential role.
  • Following in the footsteps of Pratt, Bailey aims to bring a fresh perspective to the franchise.
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In the ever-expanding universe of Jurassic World, actor Jonathan Bailey is now making waves for potentially being in the run to replace Chris Pratt. Perhaps fronting Scarlett Johansson’s upcoming movie, the Bridgerton actor appears to be giving up his 19th-century outfit for barbells in preparation for his upcoming role.

chris pratt jurassic world
Chris Pratt in Jurassic World | Universal Pictures

Supposedly switching roles from Regency England society to the dinosaur-dominated universe, an image of Jonathan Bailey hitting the gym fueled rumors about his upcoming appearance in Jurassic World 4. Stepping into the spotlight previously held by Chris Pratt, Bailey seems to be dedicating himself to physical transformation for the franchise’s upcoming installment.

Jonathan Bailey Reportedly Lines Up to Replace Chris Pratt in Jurassic World 4 

Following Universal Studios’ intention to start a new era for their hugely successful Jurassic World franchise, it was confirmed that Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and the like aren’t expected to return. Instead, Scarlett Johansson made headlines for leading the revamped franchise hereafter.


Gathering a team for MCU’s Black Widow, Universal Studios thus sparked speculations for eyeing Bridgerton actor Jonathan Bailey as a replacement for Chris Pratt, via Deadline. Following Bailey’s versatile roles in television and theater, the actor could embrace the challenge of appearing in one of Hollywood’s most iconic franchises.

Jonathan Bailey in Bridgerton.
Jonathan Bailey in a still from Bridgerton | Shondaland, Netflix

Although Jonathan Bailey‘s appearance hasn’t been confirmed yet, the actor has generated quite a lot of speculation on the internet, following his strenuous workout sessions. According to reports from sources and industry scooper accounts on X, Bailey has been spotted hitting the gym and undergoing drastic physical transformation for his role.

Jonathan Bailey is Allegedly Getting Jacked for the Upcoming Jurassic World 4

Bridgerton fans hold up! The most eligible bachelor from the 19th century Regency England society is making his way into the dino-dominated Jurassic World franchise. Blending his charm into the action-packed dino adventure, Jonathan Bailey is reportedly in the works to steal the spotlight from his predecessor, Chris Pratt.


Gym images shared by several scoopers on X hint at Jonathan Bailey’s commitment to his alleged role with a jaw-dropping fitness journey. Undergoing a rigorous workout session to embody the physical demands of a Jurassic World 4 protagonist, Bailey seems to be trading his ballroom attire for something far more muscular.

Well, that’s not it. Almost a month back, Jonathan Bailey shared a cryptic Instagram post of him enjoying the empty Jurassic Park ride, while urging people to “hold onto your butts” in the caption. This image fueled further speculation about his potential role in the renowned franchise. Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed so far.

Jonathan Bailey’s Instagram post (@jbayleaf)
Jonathan Bailey’s cryptic Instagram post (@jbayleaf)

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming installment, fans shower their faith in Jonathan Bailey’s alleged appearance in Jurassic World 4. They believe the actor can uphold the adventurous spirit that fans worldwide have come to love. Although Chris Pratt has set a high bar with his portrayal of Owen Grady in earlier Jurassic World films, Bailey is deemed to be a perfect replacement for the actor.

Jurassic World films are available on Amazon Prime. 


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