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Chris Rock Can’t Give a Lesser Damn About Will Smith After His Viral Apology Video: “Everybody’s trying to be a f**king victim”

chris rock gives lesser damn to will smith

In the follow-up months after Will Smith physically assaulted Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards, the former published multiple apology letters and videos addressed to the latter which for all intents and purposes had fallen on deaf ears. Chris Rock has no intention of accepting the Bad Boys actor’s apology nor does he plan on being subtle about it. And so far, he has made that clear in his 2022 Ego Death World Tour.

Chris Rock
Chris Rock’s Ego Death World Tour ’22 sells out after the ‘Oscars slapgate’ incident

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Chris Rock Slammed For His Nicole Brown Simpson Joke

After skirting around the subject for long enough, the stand-up comedian has finally gathered enough substance to fill the overtones of the awkward void during his comedy routine. Each of Chris Rock’s tour venues echoes with the same underlying question and it wasn’t until a Phoenix performance (when the question was directly thrown at him) that he directly addressed, or more specifically, joked about the infamous incident.

Oscars 2022
Chris Rock hosts the 2022 Oscars, moments prior to the assault

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His claims about being asked to return to hist the 2023 Oscars as similar to asking Nicole Brown Simpson “to go back to the restaurant” drew harsh criticism from several parties. The late Brown Simpson’s sister, Tanya Brown wrote in an Instagram post that his comment was “BEYOND distasteful.” This is all to say that it now seems like the comedian has found a renewed enthusiasm for liberally applying his jokes to put his point across.

Chris Rock Directly Addresses the Will Smith Oscars Slap

At the O2 Arena in London, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle appeared together during the weekend to perform as a part of Rock’s ongoing Ego Death World Tour. In his sketch, the comedian directly addressed the Will Smith apology video and the consequential matter of reconciliation by saying, “F*ck your hostage video.” Rock had previously claimed that “everybody is trying to be a fucking victim… nobody will hear the real victims.” 

Will Smith
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards

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He also referred to the incident intermittently throughout his tour, claiming, “Did that sh*t hurt? That motherf**ker played Ali.” Yet another of his routine went viral after he claimed he was hit over “a bullsh*t joke” and that it was really “the nicest joke [he] ever told.” The Chappelle-Rock voyage is currently going strong with both the controversial comedians fully utilizing their platform to deliver nuanced commentary on their accounts over the past years. With tour dates stretching up to November 20th ending at the Dolby Theatre in California, it remains to be seen what else Rock has in store for his audience.

Source: Deadline

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