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Chris Tucker Felt His $849 Million Movie Franchise With Jackie Chan Would be a Failure: “Who is this Black man talking to me?”

Chris Tucker Felt His $849 Million Movie Franchise With Jackie Chan Would be a Failure

The Rush Hour films starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have become a worldwide phenomenon. However, the actors’ first interaction wasn’t all rainbows and sparkles. Tucker thought the franchise would bomb spectacularly.

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have had their share of ups and downs, from an awkward first meeting to the massive success of the Rush Hour franchise. Despite the odds, they’ve developed a dynamic that’s equal parts funny and exciting, winning over fans worldwide.

When Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Met

Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker

In an interview with the New York Post, Chris Tucker revealed his doubts about Jackie Chan’s ability to communicate with him while filming the first movie.

He shed a light on their first interaction and his initial hesitations,

“I knew who Jackie was – I’ve always been a big fan – so I was telling him what we could do to make the movie good and stuff, and he was looking at me like, ‘Who is this black man talking to me?’” 

“I thought he didn’t know English ’cause he didn’t say one word. I said, ‘This man’s not talking, how we gonna do this movie?'”

It turns out Jackie Chan also had doubts about Chris Tucker’s English skills,

“He speaks very terrible English, too.”

Despite these initial misgivings, the two actors created a unique and memorable chemistry onscreen that captivated audiences worldwide. The Rush Hour franchise grossed just under a billion dollars at the box office, and rumors of a fourth movie have been circulating for years.

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It’s fascinating that such a successful partnership could have easily fallen apart before it began. After two decades of trying, Chan had given up on breaking into the American film market, and Chris Tucker was a relatively unknown actor before being cast in Rush Hour. However, the two overcame their language barriers and cultural differences to create a truly iconic cinematic duo.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

One of the key factors that made Rush Hour such a success was the humor that arose from the contrast between Chris Tucker’s fast-talking, wise-cracking character, and Chan’s more reserved and serious demeanor. This comedic dynamic was central to the franchise’s appeal and helped to distinguish it from other buddy cop films.

But the humor in Rush Hour was not just limited to language barriers. The franchise also found humor contrasting East and West, particularly in the second movie’s depiction of Hong Kong’s bustling and chaotic streets.

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Jackie Chan’s character Lee is constantly frustrated by the chaos and disorganization of the city, while Chris Tucker’s character Carter embraces the frenzied energy. This cultural clash allowed for more organic and nuanced humor, making the franchise even more memorable.

From Rocky Start to Billion-Dollar Franchise

Despite the immense success of the Rush Hour franchise, Chris Tucker was hesitant to continue making films in the series. With a worldwide box office gross of nearly $850 million, it might seem strange that Tucker would not want to continue with such a profitable franchise. However, for Tucker, it was not just about the money. Instead, it was about the pressure and expectation that came along with it.

Rush Hour
Rush Hour

Before Rush Hour, Chris Tucker was already known for his stand-up comedy, but the film’s success propelled him to a new level of fame. The film grossed over $245 million worldwide, and the chemistry between Tucker and Jackie Chan was undeniable. The sequel, Rush Hour 2, was released in 2001 and grossed over $347 million worldwide.

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The third and final installment in the series, Rush Hour 3, was released in 2007 and brought in over $256 million worldwide. With each subsequent film, the expectations and pressure grew for Chris Tucker. He was no longer just a rising star in Hollywood but a bonafide leading man. The pressure to perform, both critically and commercially, became increasingly intense.

The financial stakes were high, too. With each Rush Hour film, Chris Tucker’s paycheck increased. For Rush Hour 3, he reportedly earned $25 million, making him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood at the time. While the actor refused to do a fourth Rush Hour movie for the longest time, his co-star Jackie Chan confirmed in late December last year that the script was already underway.

Source: New York Post

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