“Chris was staunchly against that”: Christopher Nolan Narrowly Avoided The Same WB Mistake That Doomed Zack Snyder’s DCEU

Christopher Nolan Narrowly Avoided The Same WB Mistake That Doomed Zack Snyder’s DCEU
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Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder created fantastic movies for the popular DC mythos. Counted among the highest-grossing movies of DC, both of their movies have left an indelible mark on the DC universe as well as on the fans. While Nolan is credited with having redefined the DCverse through his realistic approach, Snyder has propelled it through his visually stunning storytelling.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

However, both Nolan and Snyder have faced certain challenges while creating their DC universe, the majority of which arose from their own studio Warner Bros. While Nolan narrowly escaped them, the Snyderverse suffered from them, ultimately leading to its end.

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Christopher Nolan Narrowly Escaped The Tragedy That Led To SnyderVerse’s Downfall

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight (2008)

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Christopher Nolan is credited to have created one of the most popular and fan-loved Batman mythos through his famous Dark Knight trilogy. Through his unique vision and approach his version of the tale has been credited for its gritty yet realistic portrayal. Through his unique style, Nolan is credited with having left an everlasting impact on the tale, propelling the success of these characters into popular culture.

However, the path to create such a distinct tale was not easy, for early on Warner Bros was pushing him to develop more sequels and even feature Leonardo DiCaprio as Riddler in the next sequel. In an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, screenwriter David S. Goyer revealed how he rejected the proposal before it could even reach the director.


“Chris is very process-driven. I had a sense of when the Spider-Man movies or the superhero movies started getting made, the studios started asking, ‘Okay, who’s our villain in the next movie going to be?’ And let’s go around that. Chris was staunchly against that because that’s not a bottom ground-up way of telling the story. Let’s do it in a very naturalistic way. Let’s figure out the story we want to tell, what thematically we want to explore with Bruce (Wayne aka Batman), and let’s figure out a villain that fits that story.”

And thus, Goyer helped Nolan avoid what would later lead Zack Snyder’s Snyderverse to its unfortunate end.

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How WB’s Meddling Led To The Unfortunate End Of Snyderverse

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

While Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan have very varied approaches to filmmaking, there is one thing they share in common. And it was to develop the superhero mythos organically, keeping everything connected yet non-linear through increased creative control for their projects.


However, for Snyderverse, WB was constantly meddling and changing themes and scenes, which happened frequently for many of his projects. Even on the set of DC’s one of the biggest movies, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (via ScreenRant) these situations arose many times, leading to a very different result than what the director had originally planned. Even Snyder once remarked that WB was anti-Snyder (via IGN).

While he has since long said goodbye to his vision of DCEU, fans can’t help but remark how wonderful it would have been had WB allowed Zack Snyder to create his vision of the popular superhero universe.

The Dark Knight trilogy and Batman vs. Superman can be streamed on HBO Max.


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