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‘Chris was…this not unknown but certainly not as known as he is today’: ‘Jealous’ Natalie Portman Couldn’t Take it After Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Became $50M Richer Than Her

Jealous' Natalie Portman Couldn't Take it After Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Became $50M Richer Than Her

Chris Hemsworth has become a fan favorite over the last decade or so! And he has majorly got the MCU to thank for that! Especially since Thor: Ragnarok, he has been operating on an entirely different planet starring in movie after movie every year! He has proven to be so much more than just Thor, having achieved excellence in action, comedy, and even a bit of drama at times! That’s why Hemsworth’s Net Worth has risen up shockingly in the last few years and his Love and Thunder co-star, Natalie Portman just can’t help but be jealous about it!

Chris Hemsworth’s Net Worth

Disney Plus Day
Chris Hemsworth as Thor Odinson

Chris Hemsworth got a whopping $20 million payday for Thor: Love and Thunder. That’s a $5 million rise after having made $15 million each out of his last three MCU outings. And with the insane amount of hard work and popularity he brings to a project, $20 million seems to be his regular salary now as he made the same for Extraction 2 as well. So, with these massive paychecks from Marvel & Netflix, his total net worth has shot up to $140 million.

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The Net Worth of Natalie Portman

Love And Thunder Confirms Jane Foster Mighty Thor Has Always Been Worthy
Natalie Portman

Compared to her Thor 4 costar, Portman made way below the 8-digit mark (below $10 mill). You’d think that someone who is returning for her final MCU outing should get at least half of what her co-lead made, but apparently, that didn’t happen! It’s probably because of this massive pay gap that she initially didn’t want to return to the MCU in Ragnarok. She has been starring in some major movies since the late 90s & Early 2000s (Star Wars Ep 1,2 & 3; V for Vendetta, Black Swan), and yet an Oscar-winning actress like her has just amassed a net worth of $90 million.

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Jane Foster Thor 1
Portman gushes over Thor

It could seem that she might be a little jelly about Hemsworth’s massive rise, who was relatively a no-name in the first Thor movie. But she was still pretty appreciative of what her 39-year-old Thor co-star managed to achieve in a short span of time. In her interview with IMDb, here’s what she had to say about Hemsworth:

“On the first [Thor], [Chris] was kind of like this not unknown but not certainly as known as he is today actor who got this big part. And he was just so sweet, so talented, so hard-working. And now, after all this success and all this fame, he’s exactly the same human. He’s a dream of a person.”

Well, saved Nattie! Well saved!

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Why Chris Hemsworth Deserves It All

First Image of Extraction 2

Well, Chris Hemsworth’s massive rise doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Besides Thor, he proved his mettle by playing several protagonists and antagonists in films like Rush, 12 Strong, Bad Times at El Royale, Spiderhead, and several others. And then there are his underrated comedic chops which we saw in Vacation and the last two Thor movies. Now, we can’t wait for Extraction 2 and the Furiosa prequel which will take him even beyond Portman’s reach, who is set to star in a miniseries called Lady in the Lake, and a movie called May December.

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