‘He runs around in a G-string!’: Christian Bale Reveals How Taika Waititi Convinced Him For Gorr in Thor 4


This summer, Christian Bale, an Academy Award winner, joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Gorr, the God Butcher in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.  Bale stunned audiences with his horrific make-up when viewers saw his first glimpse in the teaser for the next ‘Thor’ feature. Gorr’s MCU launch has sparked a lot of buzz, particularly since test audiences proclaimed him to be Marvel’s greatest villain yet. In a recent interview, the MCU newbie has finally spoken about his reasons for joining the interwoven superhero franchise. Bale described how Gorr came to be on screen to Total Film this week. Here are the details:

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Poster of Thor: Love and Thunder.
Poster of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Who is Gorr, The God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder

Gorr the God Butcher
Gorr, the God Butcher.

Gorr was an extraterrestrial that lived on a terrible planet with starvation, natural disasters, and other evils abound. However, in spite of this, the inhabitants of the planet worshipped the gods. Subsequently, after the terrible deaths of his kin, Gorr gradually lost trust that the gods existed, until one day he saw two Gods battling in front of him. When one of these gods sought Gorr for support, he became enraged. Gorr snatched the other god’s weapon and slashed him to death. After this,  Gorr went about butchering gods across the galaxy, wielding the formidable, shape-shifting sword known as All-Black, the Necrosword. In the current day Marvel Universe, Thor notices that many gods are being slaughtered. He embarks on a journey to discover what’s going on, and he ultimately confronts Gorr, the God Butcher.

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Christian Bale on his role as Gorr, the God Butcher:

English actor, Christian Bale, portraying Gorr in Thor 4.
English actor, Christian Bale, portraying Gorr.

Christian Bale recently spoke with Total Film on his Marvel Cinematic Universe role and his ideas on portraying the sequel’s main antagonist. When asked what influenced Bale’s interpretation of Gorr outside of the comics, he said it was largely understanding Taika Waititi’s perspective on the character. “Mostly hearing Taika’s [Waititi, director] thoughts on it. There’s obviously sort of a Nosferatu slight attitude. Taika and I wanted to do a whole dance, which we didn’t get to do, but we had all this sort of Kate Bush stuff that we worked at. But I think he just realized he was never going to be allowed to put that in the final film”.

Nonetheless, the MCU’s Gorr turned out to be rather different from Bale’s early impressions. Bale claimed that he was astonished to learn some details about the antagonist after researching his character. “You sort of go, ‘I know what he does.’ It’s right there in the name, isn’t it? But I did make the mistake of Googling him and, oh no! [In the comics] he runs around in a G-string all the time. And I thought, ‘They don’t have the right man for that!’ And then Taika quickly dispelled any notions of running around in that. But I always did think what he could do with this in front of a bluescreen – he could chuck on whatever he wants later on”.


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