Christian Bale’s Secret Dark Knight Pact With Christopher Nolan, to Return as Batman Under 1 Condition

Christian Bale's Secret Dark Knight Pact With Christopher Nolan, to Return as Batman Under 1 Condition
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Christian Bale is a highly acclaimed actor for his recurring physical transformations that have shocked the Hollywood industry. He has proven his talent through his versatility thus showcasing his real art of nailing any character he is assigned with. From DC to Marvel, he has delivered exemplary acting performances which have often left the fans in absolute awe.

Christian Bale
English actor, Christian Bale

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While he has stolen fans’ hearts with his portrayal of Gorr The God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder, many would still want to see him portraying his role as defender of Gotham in the Batman films. Addressing the same, he unveiled a secret pact which he did with the famous filmmaker, Christopher Nolan regarding his return to the franchise.


Christian Bale Addressed Reprising The Batman Role in The DC Franchise

Christian Bale as the Dark Knight
Christian Bale as the Dark Knight

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While promoting his 2022 film in the MCU, the 49-year-old versatile actor, Christian Bale addressed returning to the DC franchise after giving a hit trilogy, The Dark Knight. As it is confirmed that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will reprise their role in the upcoming Flash film, Screenrant asked whether the former would return to portray his version of Batman.

To the same, Bale responded,


“No. No one’s ever mentioned it to me. No one’s brought it up. […]”

He further mentioned,

“Occasionally people say to me, ‘Oh, I hear you were approached and offered all this.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s news to me. No one’s ever said that.'”

While the actor eventually confirmed that he would not be returning to the franchise anytime soon, he also unveiled a secret pact that he had with The Dark Knight filmmaker which hints at his return to the franchise.

Christian Bale Revealed A Movie Pact With Christopher Nolan!

Christopher Nolan
Filmmaker, Christopher Nolan

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The actor further shared with the outlet that he has a special pact with the film director regarding the trilogy he did with Nolan.

“I had a pact with Chris Nolan. We said, ‘Hey, look. Let’s make three films, if we’re lucky enough to get to do that. And then let’s walk away. Let’s not linger too long.'”

He further opened up about the condition which will potentially make him return to the franchise.

“In my mind, it would be something if Chris Nolan ever said to himself, ‘You know what, I’ve got another story to tell.’ And if he wished to tell that story with me, I’d be in.”

Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy was the ultimate achievement in the Batman franchise as it not only revived the fan following of the famous Gotham defenders but also proved to be a great asset for the DC. The trilogy collectively grossed over $2.4 billion at the worldwide box office which helped the franchise back into the market once again.


Source: Screenrant 


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