Christian Bale’s Stepmother Convinced Leonardo DiCaprio to Drop Out of $34M Cult-Classic Horror to Join Career-Ending Flop Movie

Christian Bale's Stepmother Convinced Leonardo DiCaprio to Drop Out of $34M Cult-Classic Horror to Join Career-Ending Flop Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio is popularly known as Hollywood’s Playboy who has stolen many women’s hearts with his charisma. Having gained international stardom with Titanic, he continued to work in several films that further strengthened his acting portfolio. However, there is a project that he dropped out of even though he was considered to play the main lead.

Leonardo DiCaprio
American heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio

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He almost starred in American Psycho which saw Christian Bale leading a double life as a serial killer. The story behind his sudden dropout is much more interesting given the fact that it involves Bale’s stepmother!

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Leonardo DiCaprio Was Set to Lead American Psycho

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson
Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic

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After the mega success of Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio broke out as a rising star. Given the influence he attained at the time, Lionsgate Studio was keen on having him as the lead for American Psycho. After the movie rights for Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho were bought, the project continued to be in oblivion for several years. Eventually, indie cinema rep, Mary Harron was chosen to direct the film.

Despite a small budget, she wanted Christian Bale to portray Patrick Bateman’s role. However, Lionsgate was stuck on DiCaprio as they wanted a big star for the banner. He was offered $20 million for the role. However, the director was not happy with the fanbase he created at the time.

“He had just come off Titanic and I thought you cannot take someone who has a worldwide fanbase of 15-year-old girls, 14-year-olds girls, and cast him as Patrick Bateman.”

When the clashes for the lead continued, Oliver Stone replaced the director, thus having The Departed actor as the face of the project. However, he dropped from the project along with Stone, with Bale and Harron returning to the project.

Christian Bale’s Stepmother Convinced Leonardo DiCaprio to Leave The Film

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in a still from American Psycho
Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in a still from American Psycho

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Shortly after the actor accepted the role, he got word of advice from feminist activist Gloria Steinem(Christian Bale’s stepmother) for taking a step back in this project. She warned the actor that Patrick Bateman’s role would become career suicide for him.

Film screenwriter, Guinevere Turner claimed she took the Titanic star to a Yankees game and asked her not to work in the film. “‘Please don’t do this movie.’”

He continued,

“‘Coming off of Titanic, there is an entire planet full of 13-year-old girls waiting to see what you do next, and this is going to be a movie that has horrible violence toward women.’”

Taking her advice, he left the project with Bale returning to the film. As a result, Harron was reinstated to direct the film.

Leaving the $34 million cult-classic horror, he starred in Danny Boyle’s The Beach. The film was highly criticized with many believing that his role as Richard was unable to bring out his acting charm on-screen.

American Psycho is available on Lionsgate Play meanwhile The Beach is available on Hulu.

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