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Christoph Waltz Talks Alita: Battle Angel Sequel

Christoph Waltz Talks Alita Battle Angel Sequel

Alita: Battle Angel was one such project, which culminated in a rabid fanbase waiting patiently for news of a potential sequel.

Another Pricy Chapter!

Battle Angel is a 2019 American Scifi action movie based on Yukito Kishiro’s Japanese manga artist.

There is no denying that the release of Alita: Battle Angel in February 2019 sparked quite the response. Of course, due to the manga source material, the property already had a large following. The film seemed to take it to a different level. Alita: Battle Angel cost a pretty penny to produce with a record of $170 million production budget. This was possible only from the impressive visuals. It ended up earning a little more than $404 million worldwide. This is a respectable total, but not enough for comfortable rolling on into another pricey episode.

A New Life In Iron City!

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It was produced by James Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez who co-wrote the script with Laeta Kalogridis.

So in time, you haven’t given Alita: Battle Angel a go yourself, the movie is now available for streaming. It is available on HBO GO and Now. It can order on Digital and VOD. The film features yet another A+ performance of Rosa Salazar as the title character (seriously, she always delivers). Alita is a cyborg reassembled by Dr. Dyson Ido, of Christoph Waltz. As someone who, after viewing preview footage at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and New York Comic Con 2018. Frankly, they had little faith in the movie. It’s not the priority to Alita: Battle Angel when it finally got its nationwide release. 

The desire for more Alita Continues!

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Rosa Salazar stars as titular heroine Alita through performance-capture animation.

It is not a sign that the people in charge are going on with another film. But for what it’s worth, Waltz is well aware of the loyal audience of the film. He shares Alita’s appetite for more. Of course, there is a range of obstacles that could stop this from happening. Namely, it is the cost of production and studio transfer. But if it is continuing to talk about the movie helps keep the hope alive and raise visibility for the first movie. It is thrilling to be a little bit of that drive. 

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