Christopher Nolan’s Comments on His Next Movie Might Risk Him His James Bond Dream: “It has to go through my fingers”

Christopher Nolan loves to have full creative control over all the projects that he makes, even if they are adaptations

christopher nolan’s comments on his next movie might risk him his james bond dream


  • Christopher Nolan is a genius director who has worked on a plethora of successful projects
  • The director recently shared that he likes full creative control over every character he works with
  • The statement might not sit well with the James Bond produces who are rumored to be eyeing him to direct a film
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Christopher Nolan has indeed worked on characters that have been written by someone else. With the iconic The Dark Knight trilogy at hand, Nolan worked with the characters from DC Comics to create three masterpieces.


With rumors on the internet that Nolan wants to direct a James Bond movie, the director’s latest remark seems to be an opposing factor. Wanting full control over a character, it seems that the James Bond producers might not want to work with Christopher Nolan after all!

Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale and Michael Caine on The Dark Knight set
Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale and Michael Caine on The Dark Knight set

Christopher Nolan Wants Full Creative Control Over The Characters

In the search for a new James Bond, the search for a credible director to take on the challenge is also on. Being a legendary director with iconic movies such as Inception, Interstellar, and The Dark Knight to his name, Christopher Nolan would be one of the best additions to the James Bond franchise.

Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder on the set of Man of Steel
Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder on the set of Man of Steel

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In an interview with Variety, the director revealed that he is open to working with characters created by someone else but he would like full creative control over them. These lines seem to be hinting that Nolan would want full control of the 007 Agent if he were hired as the director of the movie which probably doesn’t sound good to the producers of the James Bond franchise.

“Ideas come from everywhere. I’ve done a remake, I’ve made adaptations from comic books and novels, and I’ve written original screenplays. I’m open to anything. But as a writer and director, whatever I do, I have to feel like I own it completely. I have to make it original to me.”

He further continued,


“The initial seed of an idea may come from elsewhere, but it has to go through my fingers on a keyboard and come out through my eyes alone.” 

Often having emotionally complex humans as the protagonists of his stories, the director once defended Matt Damon’s character’s betrayal in Interstellar by saying that loneliness and desperation would do that to a person!

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When Christopher Nolan Defended Matt Damon

Matt Damon
Matt Damon in Interstellar (2014)

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In Interstellar, the world held its breath when Damon’s character Dr. Mann tried to kill Cooper on Mann’s planet. Trying to run away back to his home by showing that the planet was hostile, Nolan told the Daily Beast that he sympathized with Dr. Mann and understood why he would choose to do that.

“It’s very straightforward: selfishness and cowardice. It’s very human, and I love what Matt did with that; he found the reality of it. It’s the kind of sequence where you loathe the guy because he’s doing something that you feel you might wind up doing in a similar situation.”

He further continued,

“It’s very logical, but the rationalization of it is extraordinary—the way he was able to rationalize his own cowardice into a positive thing. Loneliness and desperation will make us do crazy things.”

Nolan’s upcoming ties with the James Bond franchise are merely rumors as nothing has been confirmed or denied yet. We sure hope that Barbara Broccoli (the producer of James Bond) and Christopher Nolan will come to some sort of an arrangement soon as the world waits for the next James Bond.


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