Christopher Nolan’s Idea To Film 1 Turning Point of ‘Oppenheimer’ Like an Action Movie Proves Why He Deserves an Oscar

Christopher Nolan’s inspired idea for the score in Oppenheimer’s trial scenes could be a defining factor in a well-deserved Oscar win.

christopher nolan’s idea to film 1 turning point of ‘oppenheimer’ like an action movie proves why he deserves an oscar


  • Christopher Nolan’s prowess as a filmmaker isn’t restricted to just his vision for the story.
  • The director gave composer Ludwig Göransson an interesting brief to score the music for the courtroom scenes in the film.
  • The result of this intriguing collaboration may well turn out to be an Oscar-winning effort.
  • Nolan also invited Göransson to be part of the visual effects process in the film which added more heft to the soundtrack.
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Christopher Nolan’s brilliance as one of Hollywood’s most versatile filmmakers could finally earn him a well-deserved Oscar this year for Oppenheimer. Having already swept most of the awards this season including the marquee categories of Best Director and Best Film, the stage is set for Nolan to receive the prestigious golden statuette that will further cement his place as a Hollywood great.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy on the sets of Oppenheimer

While the film itself is a masterful collaboration of intense storytelling, stunning visuals, and unparalleled technical expertise, the soundtrack by Ludwig Göransson that seamlessly integrated with these aspects, elevated the film even more. In fact, Nolan’s genius in incorporating the music into a pivotal scene in Oppenheimer could win him an Oscar just for his amazing vision.

Christopher Nolan And The Music Of Oppenheimer

There’s nothing that is beyond Christopher Nolan’s reach when it comes to introducing new challenges for himself as a director. While the Oscar-nominated filmmaker has proved time and again that he will go down in history as one of Hollywood’s greats, it is his deft touches in key moments of a narrative that makes him stand apart from his contemporaries.


In Oppenheimer, Nolan once again tapped into his unique creativity for a musical passage in the film’s soundtrack that would work as a background for the intense courtroom scenes in the film. The brief that he gave musician Ludwig Göransson was specific and intriguing. According to the composer, The Dark Knight director requested him to produce a 30-minute score that would sound like something out of an action film.

Ludwig Göransson
Composer Ludwig Göransson spoke about his unique collaboration with Christopher Nolan in Oppenheimer

Nolan in an in-depth interview with Universal Pictures, spoke about the process of  bringing Oppenheimer to life, which included his vision for the trial scenes and the music that would accompany them. Elaborating on his back and forth collaboration with the film’s composer, the Memento filmmaker said,

“We would take his experiments and we would put them to picture and edit them and try different things, and then show it to Ludwig and he would go and bring more things to the table”

Ludwig Göransson’s involvement also extended beyond his musical prowess, with Nolan inviting the composer to get a detailed peek into how the visual effects were created, and how his music enhanced these scenes further. Judging from the courtroom montages that formed a dream team with the soundtrack in Oppenheimer, this could be Nolan’s year for Oscar glory.


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Cillian Murphy Detailed Christopher Nolan’s Unique Cinematic Process

Oppenheimer’s stupendous success all around the world can be credited to the genius of Christopher Nolan along with the efforts of his lead actor Cillian Murphy who portrayed the complexities of the titular protagonist to perfection. The screenplay that was adapted from the biography titled American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer, demanded massive detailing to bring a historically heavy real-life subject onto the big screen.

Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy was awestruck by Christopher Nolan’s filmmaking process

Though the material that the director had to work with required a lot of research and edits, Cillian Murphy revealed that Nolan’s mastery over his craft enabled him to film freely without sacrificing majority of the scenes at the editing table. In an interview with Collider, Murphy explained his awe for Nolan’s cinematic process and said,


“There’s no deleted scenes in Chris Nolan movies. That’s why there are no DVD extras on his movies because the script is the movie. He knows exactly what’s going to end up– he’s not fiddling around with it trying to change the story. That is the movie.”

Murphy’s praise for his director further solidifies Nolan’s expertise as a filmmaker in being able to bring complex narratives to life through a lethal combination of talent, skill, vision, and hard work.



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