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Christopher Reeve: His Greatest TV Roles, Ranked By IMDb Ratings

He is more than just Superman. Christopher Reeve’s career spans across multiple films and even some highly acclaimed TV roles.

Smallville – 7.5 (2001-2011)

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If you did not live in a cave in the middle of nowhere, you would know how iconic a series Smallville is. The show follows the adventures of a young Clark Kent before he embraced the mantle of Superman. The show features younger versions of many other legendary heroes and villains of the DC Universe. Ironically, Reeve – the original Superman actor, was also a part of this series. He played the role of Dr. Virgil Swann. His character had a dream of communicating with other alien civilizations and was the creator of the Veritas Society. Reeve was a recurring character in the series.

The Practice – 7.7 (1997-2004)

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The Practice

The story is about a Boston based legal firm run by the Bobby Donnelly – am ambitious defense attorney. The series had some major star-power. Christopher Reeve appeared in a 2003 episode of the show called “Burnout”. He played the role of Kevin, a husband whose son was murdered by his wife due to temporary insanity. It has been confirmed that the idea for the story was created by reeve himself, who then sent it to the show’s creators who accepted it and cast him in a role for that episode.

Tales From The Crypt – 8.0 (1986-1996)

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Tales From The Crypt

The horror anthology show featured many famous TV and movie stars in its decade long run. The show is famous for having a unique range of celebrities in its roster like a very young Brad Pitt and even Adam Ant. Christopher Reeve was a guest star in the season 4 episode of the show called “What’s Cookin’?”. And he starred alongside the Eighties mega-star Judd Nelson. The story is about a young couple and their failing restaurant business. Christopher Reeve plays the husband Fred in this episode of the series. A mysterious stranger comes into their lives with a particularly ‘killer’ steak recipe that he’s sure will blow their minds away.

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Frasier – 8.1 (1993-2004)

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First starting out as a spin-off show, Frasier won many hearts and minds to the point people call it better than the original series it spun off from. The story follows eccentric radio psychiatrist Frasier and he deals with his old-school father his quirky brother, and the rest of his colleagues. In season 1, Christopher Reeve guest starred as a caller to Frasier’s talk show in the episode titled “SpaceQuest”. In that episode, Reeve played the role of Leonard, a man struggling from crippling agoraphobia who calls Frazier for some advice.

Faerie Tale Theatre – 8.4 (1982-1987)

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Faerie Tale Theatre

An premium show based on an anthology series format for premium cable, Faerie Tale Theatre was just what you would expect from the title. Each episode would tell a classic fairy tale. And famous Hollywood stars of their time would come and enact the many characters in it. Of the many episodes, there was one where even Mick Jagger came to play a role in the Nightingale Story. The episodes told stories that ranged from Little Red Riding Hood, Little Mermaid, and Rumpelstiltskinson. In the episode that starred Christopher Reeve, he played Prince Charming in the Sleeping Beauty episode. Bernadette Peters played the titular role of Sleeping beauty.


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