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Chronicle: Hidden Facts That Make This Underrated Superhero Film A True Classic

Chronicle was released in February 2012. It was one of the movies to tell a story through different techniques, also known as found footage filming. Here are some unearthed facts about the movie.

  • It all began with an idea.

The movie is based on high school kids, and the whole story revolves around them. The idea of this movie was preserved in the director’s mind since his high school days. One of the movie’s main characters is Matt whom Trank believes to be an extension of himself.

  • Challenges

Every successful movie has its own story of challenges and breakthroughs. Chronicles are no exception here, and one of its challenges was that it was purely original and free of any adulteration, which created an issue of any popular reference.

  • Guidance

This movie proved to be the guiding force for many upcoming superstars in the coming years. The main motive for the director to recruit these actors in their role was to give authenticity. He also recruited actors for this film who was already famous. The success of the main leads in the coming years confirmed Trank’s decision.

  • Casting Jordan

Jordan is a huge fan of superheroes like Spiderman and wolverine. So when Jordan came to know about the superhero storyline of Chronicle, then it was natural for him to be attracted to the movie. Jordan also appreciated the new way of presenting superheroes. His superhero support was also the reason to play a role in Black Panther.

  • Banned Screenwriter

Landis Has faced allegations of pathological behavior around the set and was barred from the group. However, Trank did not disclose the reason; he mentioned in a tweet that Landis’s behavior dated way back into the past.


Written by FandomWire Staff

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