CI Games’ Release Slate Potentially Includes New Lords of the Fallen Sequel in 2026

From PROJECT III to Death of the Fallen.

CI Games' Release Slate Potentially Includes New Lords of the Fallen Sequel in 2026


  • Lords of the Fallen may be getting a sequel in 2026.
  • It could potentially be called Death of the Fallen.
  • CI Games has a stacked release slate beyond 2024.
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Even after the relatively mixed reception to Lords of the Fallen in 2023, it seems that developer and publisher CI Games did not let any of that faze its massive plans for the future of the studio. The game managed to sell over a million copies in just the first ten days after its release, so it clearly was not a failure financially since plenty of fans of the 2014 original were obviously looking forward to a rebooted version of the action role-playing title with modern technology.


Now, there could be a potential sequel to the game coming out in around two years, in 2026, and that is just the beginning of the stacked release slate that the studio has scheduled.

CI Games Files Trademark for Death of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is seemingly getting a sequel called Death of the Fallen.
Lords of the Fallen is seemingly getting a sequel called Death of the Fallen.

The potentially stacked future of CI Games can be observed by going through various forms of hints that the studio has been associated with. These include numerous trademarks that the publisher has recently filed, with one for a title called Death of the Fallen that seems to be a sequel to Lords of the Fallen, which was released just a couple of months ago.


This specific trademark was filed a few days ago, on January 3, and its name is undeniably a clear giveaway regarding which IP it is related to.

That is not all that points to a Lords of the Fallen sequel that is seemingly being planned by CI Games because in November last year, the company held its 2023 presentation for its investors, which detailed quarterly financial results and potential future projects. During that, the studio showed a slide titled STRATEGIC PILLARS & TIMELINE, which listed various projects with codenames and the developers that would be working on each title.

The one at the very top was codenamed PROJECT III, and the same developer that worked on Lords of the Fallen, Hexworks, is apparently at the helm of it as well.


With a targeted launch window of 2026, the details that followed PROJECT III also hinted at a potential sequel to the 2023 title. The project is set to capitalize on the “recognition and success within” the action role-playing genre, which was “driven by Lords of the Fallen.”

Moreover, it will be “a new title,” quite possibly Death of the Fallen, which will be “built around more ambitious gameplay options for wider audience appeal,” so it is safe to assume that CI Games will be holding nothing back with the supposed sequel as it is looking to be much bigger and more accessible for the masses.

CI Games Is Planning a Lot More, Including PROJECT SURVIVE

CI Games has a lot more on its release slate than just Death of the Fallen.
CI has a lot more on its release slate than just Death of the Fallen.

Aside from the aforementioned PROJECT III, which is presumably Death of the Fallen, CI has numerous other titles planned beyond 2024 as well. According to the investor presentation given by the studio, PROJECT SURVIVE is the second main title that the company has currently scheduled, which is in development by Underdog Studio.


The publisher is eyeing a release window of next year in 2025, and it apparently feels quite confident about comfortably meeting that launch target, so there should not be any major delays, if all goes well, of course.

However, the CI representative delivering the presentation also stated that there is no exact date as of yet, but the moment it becomes confirmed, the studio will let the investors know. PROJECT SURVIVE is set to be a brand “New IP” that will focus on the survival genre, and Underdog Studio will be using the power of Unreal Engine 5 to develop the game.

Moreover, the theme of the title is going to be more “commercially sound,” which shows the publisher’s aim to appeal to a much wider audience in the future.


That is not the only project that Underdog Studio will be working on, as the developer is also at the helm of PROJECT SCORPIO and SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR, both of which do not have a target release window currently.

CI itself will also be developing two other titles codenamed PROJECT POTENTIAL and PROJECT EXPAND, which seem to focus on other media such as tabletop games and external partnerships. Finally, developer united label will be working on “1 to 3 New Releases per year” as well.

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