Cillian Murphy is Dead-Set to Return as OG Gangster Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders Spinoff Under 1 Condition

Cillian Murphy is Dead-Set to Return as OG Gangster Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders Spinoff Under 1 Condition
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Cillian Murphy has long earned the status of everybody’s celebrity crush following his major appearances in big-budget projects. But nothing compares to his OG Birmingham gangster role, Thomas Shelby, in Peaky Blinders. Stunning people with his epic performance, Murphy became a legendary actor whom fans are further willing to witness in the reprised role. 

Cillian Murphy became a Hollywood heartthrob after his remarkable performance in Peaky Blinders
Cillian Murphy

Following the conclusion of BBC’s hit series Peaky Blinders as Steven Knight disclosed a possible spin-off movie, fans became fixated over Cillian Murphy reprising his role in the reboot. However, after appearing in the highly anticipated upcoming movie Oppenheimer, Murphy mentioned he might consider reprising his OG gangster role, under one condition.  

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Cillian Murphy’s Majestic Role In Peaky Blinders 

Everything about the Irish actor Cillian Murphy seems majestic, following his infamous roles in some of the greatest projects of all time. Acquiring his global fame after his legendary performance in Peaky Blinders, the actor even manifests his decade-long dream of leading a Christopher Nolan movie. 

Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders
Murphy in Peaky Blinders

However, after creating a buzz on social media with his upcoming movie Oppenheimer, the actor spoke about his role in the BBC series Peaky Blinders. Being modest about his performance, despite fans claiming to be awestruck by Murphy, the actor discussed his future with the acclaimed project during the recent BAFTA Awards. 

Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders
Murphy as Tommy Shelby

While the latest buzz surrounding the much-loved BBC series pertains to a possible spin-off movie, Cillian Murphy expressed his doubt about reprising his role. Stroking fans’ curiosity, the actor mentioned bidding adieu to the iconic Shelbys after the final season, to focus on other projects. However, witnessing fans’ desire to see him reprise his role, Murphy mentioned reconsidering his role.  


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Cillian Murphy Might Return As The OG Gangster  

With the Peaky Blinders crew being almost sure about a possible movie and production beginning in 2023, fans are getting fixated on the film cast. Willing to find Cillian Murphy reprising his role as the OG Birmingham gangster, Thomas ‘Tommy’ Shelby, fans are waiting for the good news. However, amid rumors and speculations, the actor gave out subtle hints about reprising his role. 

Cillian Murphy
Murphy addressed the Peaky Blinders spinoff movie

Appearing at the BAFTA Awards, Cillian Murphy was asked about his role in the BBC series Peaky Blinders, when he addressed the rumors of a possible spin-off movie. “There’s this film coming up” Murphy was asked, to which the actor replied, “hopefully, yeah”. Finding answers to address her curiosity, the interviewer asked “What do you mean hopefully?” 


If there’s more story to tell, you know, I’m gonna be there. But I don’t know any of the specific updates. I’ve no exclusive that I can give you, frankly.” Cillian Murphy shared. 

John Wick 5 may have cameos from actors like Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy discussed his potential return to the spinoff

Without seeking exclusive details the interviewer simply asked where the film story might lead, especially after the series had a proper conclusion. “That’s the question you know, that we have to pose for ourselves…but I’m up for it,” Murphy replied. Further, stating his desire to return and reprise his role in the Peaky Blinders spin-off movie, the Irish actor simply sparked fans’ curiosity amid speculations. 

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Source: BAFTA 

Cillian Murphy on the possibility of more Peaky Blinders projects | BAFTA TV Awards 2023


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