Cillian Murphy Not Sure His Next Project Will be as Grand as Oppenheimer: “It’s very hard to match Christopher Nolan’s set”

Cillian Murphy expresses admiration for the focus and rigor found on Christopher Nolan's film sets

Cillian Murphy Not Sure His Next Project Will be as Grand as Oppenheimer: "It's very hard to match Christopher Nolan's set"


  • Cillian Murphy shared that it is hard for any movie set to match the rigor and focus found on Christopher Nolan's set.
  • Murphy added that Nolan's unique way of running his set has helped the crew to work in an efficient manner.
  • Interestingly, Cillian Murphy has some interesting projects on the horizon, with rumors of a potential MCU debut and a Peaky Blinders film.
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Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan joined forces for the sixth time to deliver one of the most discussed movies of 2023, Oppenheimer. Their professional relationship, which began with Batman Begins, has spanned nearly 20 years. According to Murphy, Nolan’s sets are unparalleled, characterized by a level of rigor and focus, unlike any other projects Murphy has been involved in.

Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer
Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer proved to be a massive hit in theaters, grossing $954 million at the box office. Not only did the film enjoy commercial success, but it also became the highest-grossing biopic of all time. As the Award season approaches, the film is set to gain further attention and acclaim.

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Cillian Murphy Highlights The Unmatched Quality Of Christopher Nolan’s Sets

Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy on Oppenheimer set
Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy on Oppenheimer set

Cillian Murphy only has positive things to share about his long-time collaborator and Oppenheimer director, Christopher Nolan. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Peaky Blinders actor opened up about working on Nolan’s set. When asked about the difference between working on Nolan’s sets and other film sets, Murphy emphasized that The Dark Knight director’s set is hard to match.

Murphy praised Nolan’s unique approach to running his set. He specifically mentioned the exceptional focus and rigor on the Tenet director’s set, qualities that set them apart from other movie sets. With a collaborative history spanning 20 years, Murphy revealed that he had the opportunity to learn many things from the Interstellar director. The Red Eye actor told The Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s very hard to match Christopher Nolan’s set. You know, ’cause he’s so unique in the way he works. The rigor and the focus in his sets are very hard to match. But I’ve learned so much working with him, for like 20 years now.”

When questioned further about Nolan’s no-phone rule on set, Murphy expressed that it made perfect sense to him. He shared that the Inception director was able to get amazing work done in a limited timeframe. Murphy added that the strict methods helped the cast and crew to work efficiently on set.


Additionally, Murphy also revealed that he would be waiting for the next call from Nolan, signaling a desire to collaborate with the reputed director once again.

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Cillian Murphy’s Upcoming Projects Hold Promise

Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane in The Dark Knight trilogy
Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane in The Dark Knight trilogy

Currently, Cillian Murphy has one confirmed project for the upcoming year. He will be starring alongside Ciaran Hinds and Emily Watson in the historical drama, Small Things Like These. The story is adapted from Claire Keegan’s novel of the same name. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will produce the film under their production company Artists Equity.


The Transcendence actor is reportedly being considered for a villain role in the MCU. While Murphy hasn’t officially confirmed his involvement in any project with the $29 billion franchise, he revealed to Josh Horowitz that he would be open to considering a project if he gets the right script. Interestingly, fan speculation has found a perfect role for him as Doctor Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four film.

However, Cillian Murphy’s most anticipated project is undoubtedly the film version of his highly acclaimed series, Peaky Blinders. Series creator Steven Knight confirmed a film during his 2022 appearance on the Heart Breakfast show. Knight shared that the writing was nearly done, and filming was expected to begin shortly after. As of now, no additional updates have been provided regarding the movie.

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Oppenheimer is now available for rent on AppleTV+.


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