Civil War: 9 Truly Unspeakable Things Team Iron Man Did – Ranked

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Marvel Comics’ Civil Wear event was a time of open warfare between superheroes. There were only two sides and the entire nation was the battleground. There are some things Iron Man’s side did that were utterly disgraceful and inhuman.


Masterminded the Entire Thing

One of the worst things to ever happen to the world was the Superhuman Registration Act and its repercussions within the entire Marvel Comic Book Universe. The crimes of Team Iron Man run deeper than anybody could imagine. Iron Man is the leader of the Pro Registration Heroes. He is also the secret mastermind behind pushing the SRA Bill in the Senate. Iron Man wanted the SRA to help create a united front of superheroes so that America will never succumb to any alien or foreign threat. To do so, he manipulated the stock market, orchestrated scenarios which led to hundreds of deaths and most important of all hid the truth regarding his involvement from the general masses. A reporter did manage to uncover the truth and confronted Tony Stark about it. Tony’s response was that “It was necessary”. The reporter didn’t make the truth public because it would have destroyed everything Iron Man did.


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Prison in the Negative Zone

Tony Stark was supported behind the scenes by Reed Richards, who believed the Superhuman Registration Act was the right thing to do. To aid Iron Man in his efforts, Richards built a massive prison facility in the Negative Zone, a place the Fantastic Four are all too familiar with. The Prison was impregnable and had no way for escape. Even if the captured heroes did manage to miraculously get away, they will still be stuck in an alternate dimension. This showed one of the darkest sides of Team Iron Man. It was a total lapse in their moral code.


Responsible For Unmasking Spider-Man

Spider-Man is Iron Man’s staunchest supporter. Parker owes a lot to Tony Stark. When the SRA agitations began, Spider-Man obviously sided with Tony Stark. It was Tony who convinced him to even though Parker was kind of against the new law. Tony went a step further and persuaded Spider-Man to unmask him-self in public. Peter did so and the consequences of his actions were severe. His closest friends filed lawsuits against him. But the nail on the coffin was when a super villain tracked down Peter Parker’s address and attacked Aunt May. Aunt May was left in critical condition, barely clinging to life. Tony never showed any remorse for his actions.  

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Hunted Down Unregistered Heroes

If you want to be a part of a bad idea, nobody can stop you. People vote for dictators and tyrants all the time. It is a part of democracy. Everyone deserves a shot. But when you try to enforce your ideas on others by hook or by crook, that is when you falter. Iron Man did not stop at just advocating the SRA to the heroes who were against it. He even went as far as putting up teams to hunt down whoever did not like the idea and tried to not submit to an unjust law. What Iron man did was pretty close to fascism.

Created a Mass Murdering Thor Clone


Thor was not around to be a part of the Civil War event. He was busy stopping Ragnarok from happening. But Tony concluded that he needed someone like Thor to rally behind him. If the nation knew they had a God on their side, it would simplify things. Tony had secretly collected Thor’s DNA when the Avengers were first created. He joined forces with Reed Richards to create a Thor Clone called Ragnarok. The clone was not as powerful as Thor so Iron Man equipped ‘Clor’ with cybernetic implants that increased his powers a hundred fold. The Thor Clone was a psychopath and prone to violent bouts.

Death of Bill Foster

Creating a Thor Clone is alone enough to paint Team Iron Man as evil. But it is what the clone did afterwards that was even worse. In what was supposed to be a peaceful discussion between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man, a fight broke out (both broke the rules of engagement here) and the Thor Clone was unleashed. In a fit of rage, Ragnarok sent a wave of energy that punched a hole in Bill Foster aka Goliath’s Chest. The battle did not stop though. Tony overlooked the death of a superhero on his hands and kept fighting the ‘good fight’.


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Captain America’s Death

The death of Captain America is something Ion Man’s hands will remain forever stained with. Steve Rogers led the Anti-SRA Faction. After his side lost, he was taken into custody. On his way to the court to answer for his actions, he was shot by a brain-washed Sharon Carter. When Tony came to know about his friend’s death, he broke down and realized that none of this was actually ever worth it.


Took Advantage of the Stamford Incident

The Stamford Incident is what led to the passing of the Superhuman Registration Act in the Senate. New Warriors were a group of college going superheroes who decided to turn their adventures into a reality show for extra PR. On one of their many adventures, the New Warriors encountered the superhuman terrorist Nitro. Nitro’s ability was to self-detonate, creating a huge explosion. Cornered, Nitro exploded him-self and the explosion took down multiple blocks. The casualty list included 612 people which had many children. Team Iron Man took full advantage of the incident. They used it to turn public opinion towards their favor. It was a dastardly and inhumane thing to do.

Supported the Superhuman Registration Act


There is an individual right to privacy every human being on Earth is entitled to. No government, corporation, agency, or authority has the power to encroach upon this basic human necessity. The Superhuman Registration Act was basically an attempt to flout that unwritten rule. It intended to keep all super-humans under government watch. The idea was that if the super-humans are registered, they will think twice before committing a crime since they do not remain protected under the veil of anonymity. This was an attack on the American Dream. The SRA was an attack on everything Democracy and the Free World stood for. Iron Man’s side supported it wholeheartedly.


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