Clint Barton’s ‘Thanos Was Right Mug’ In Hawkeye Is Sending Twitter Into A Frenzy!

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Many MCU fans were not expecting so many jokes about the Mad Titan, Thanos in the new Hawkeye series. While Barton can be seen holding a “Thanos was right” mug in the very opening scenes on the Disney+ series, and now fans can’t seem to get over that fact. The social media has gone crazy with reactions to these little MCU nods as such subtle details make MCU look like it’s moving along from the Snap, just like all of us. For a long time, fans have gotten to see streel-level of what many fans would feel after their everyday life gets altered by the presence of witches, cyborgs, and aliens. Obviously, there are many who feel that Thanos was true, right. For someone who ended up fighting up Thanos right outside the Avengers facility, losing multiple comrades, wouldn’t really think so. As Hawkeye shows what the world at ground level looks like, something that many Marvel fans had been missing since Netflix’s Marvel shows.


Josh Brolin, who portrayed Thanos, stated why he took the role with ACE universe, and now his performance shall forever look over the MCU

Josh Brolin as Thanos
Josh Brolin as Thanos

Brolin revealed, “When I said yes to, to Thanos, you know, they’d given me a big Bible and really kind of talked me out but it wasn’t for you know a massive, massive part in two final films of a 10-year span. It was meant more as a cameo. So it was never the size of the role that that was like oh I want to do that because it’s going to push me further up into that fame or stardom or whatever. It was like what’s the role? The role, it’s not one of the Avengers, it’s the nemesis to all the Avengers.”

He continued, “I turned down quite a bit of those things and again people were like ‘money!’ When I said yes to Avengers it was a small thing. It was basically a cameo, so there was not a lot of money involved. So that wasn’t the reason. But when they game to me they gave me a big bible. I loved that it was all [of them]. If it had been one of the Avengers — and I don’t mean this, I probably shouldn’t say this but I’m just gonna say it — I probably wouldn’t have done it. But the fact that it was all the Avengers against this one guy. I liked that aspect of it.”


Here are the best Twitter reactions from Hawkeye’s Thanos moments.

Things are poised to be intriguing


A madman to remember


Well, us too!

Kinda weird

Some answers are needed


A funny moment, indeed


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