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‘Cloak & Dagger’ Pilot Reactions from SXSW!

It’s safe to say that Freeform’s upcoming Cloak & Dagger series hasn’t exactly been met with the usual level of fan-gasmic anticipation as other Marvel TV series. Likely due to the fact that it’s being developed by Freeform, a channel that, up to this point, has not had a spectacular track record when it comes to quality content (see: literally any Freeform show); however, if we’ve learned anything lately, it’s that quality TV can come from any avenue.

With that said, the Cloak & Dagger pilot screened at SXSW this weekend, and, shockingly enough, is being very well received on Twitter.

Initial reactions are praising the maturity of the content and chemistry of its leads. Yes, again, this is a Freeform show…who knew?

Have a look at the initial reactions below:

So, there you have it – near unanimous praise. Color me intrigued…

Cloak & Dagger debuts on Freeform Thursday, June 7 at 8pm ET, follows the story of two teenagers from very different backgrounds that find themselves burdened and awakened to newly acquired superpowers while falling in love.

Are you more excited to tune in? Let us know below!

Written by Mike DeAngelo

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