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Cobra Kai: 10 Best Fighters From The Show, Ranked

Cobra Kai 10 Best Fighters From The Show Ranked

Netflix’s Cobra Kai is currently one of the most-watched shows on the streaming platform, ahead of the second season of The Witcher as per reports. After its humble beginnings as YouTube Red original, Cobra Kai was acquired by Netflix and the rest has been history. A perfect balance of nostalgia for The Karate Kid movies and exciting new storylines, the series has become an instant favorite. Now in its fourth season, the show has witnessed a lot of old and new karate fighters. But who is truly the best? Let’s find out.

Cobra Kai

10. Samantha LaRusso

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The daughter of Daniel LaRusso, Sam is a natural fighter who can easily hold her ground against much tougher enemies. As the heir of Miyagi-Do’s style of karate, Sam has shown incredible fighting skills over time. While she still needs to figure out her inner calling, her quick learning ability and recent introduction to Johnny’s firebrand ‘Eagle-Fang’ style karate has the potential to become a generational fighter.

9. Tory Nichols

Cobra Kai Tory Nichols

A troubled teenager with a quick temper, Tory Nichols easily is one of the most ferocious fighters from the show. An overly aggressive individual, Tory encapsulates the ‘Strike Hard and Strike First’ part of Cobra Kai perfectly. If she manages to control her inner turmoil, Tory can become truly the best among all.

8. Eli ‘Hawk’ Moskowitz

Cobra Kai Hawk

Once the shy kid who was constantly being bullied, Eli Moskowitz has grown to be a lethal fighter who can easily take down multiple opponents with ease. His aggressive fighting style now combined with the defensive strategies of Miyagi-Do karate makes Hawk a dangerous fighter. His willingness to accept change and ‘flipping the script’ works well in his favor.

7. Miguel Diaz

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The prodigal son of Jonny Lawrence, Miguel is an exceptional talent who overcame numerous obstacles to become the All-Valley Champion. An agile and tenacious fighter, Miguel can be the perfect embodiment of offensive and defensive style karate only if he manages to find his inner peace.

6. Robby Keene

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Having trained under both Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai, Robby Keene is a stunning fighter who has proven his worth multiple times. His seamless ability to transition between two opposing styles of karate makes him one of the toughest opponents of the show. If trained right, Robby can be the perfect amalgamation of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso.

5. John Kreese

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The old karate master might have lost his youth, but he makes that up with his years of ruthless experience. As the co-founder of Cobra Kai, John Kreese is a vicious fighter who can still hold his ground against the young karate champions. Like a true cobra, it’s never wise to underestimate the man for his old age. He’s still got fangs that can bite deep.

4. Terry Silver

Cobra Kai Terry Silver

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Terry Silver might be equally skillful as Kreese, but what puts him apart is his unpredictability. A truly diabolical individual, Silver is not afraid to fight dirty. His willingness to win at the cost of anything makes him a lethal fighter despite his advancing age.

3. Johnny Lawrence

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Fan-favorite Johnny Lawrence is definitely one of the best fighters of the show which he has proved multiple times. From taking down multiple teenagers to moping the floor with Kreese, Lawrence is not to be messed with. However, his over-reliance on aggression as the only strategy is what’s stopping him from becoming the best of the lot.

2. Daniel LaRusso

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The two-time All-Valley Champion is the master of Miyagi-Do karate. Having trained under Mr. Miyagi himself, LaRusso is undoubtedly one of the best fighters in the show. In the third season, he even got a taste of the secret karate techniques of Miyagi-Do which makes him even more dangerous than before. His ability to stay calm and focused is the true strength that puts him above Johnny.

1. Chozen

cobra kai chozen 20100201

The antagonist from The Karate Kid: Part II, Chozen made his return in the third season of the show when Daniel visits Okinawa. His years of training under Sato Sensei and his mastery over the lethal hidden techniques of Miyagi-Do karate make him easily the best fighter in the series who is yet to display his full prowess.

Cobra Kai is now streaming on Netflix.

Written by Akash Senapati

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