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Cobra Kai: Terrible Lessons The Show Taught Us

Cobra Kai Terrible Lessons The Show Taught Us

“Karate Kid” is an iconic masterpiece. This 80s franchise has fans of a diverse age range. Cobra Kai is an extension of the franchise. This Netflix series is action-packed. However, amidst the crazy fight sequences and drama, Cobra Kai manages to impart his wisdom. However, not all his words are golden. Cobra Kai has given some extremely questionable advice which is problematic. Here are some of the Terrible Lessons cobra kai taught us: 

  1. Drunk driving isn’t that bad: In the show, Johnny has a bad habit of driving under the influence of alcohol. While they don’t celebrate this habit, they don’t question it either. Johnny has never faced the repercussions of this habit. Though a good person with immense growth potential and an impressive arc, drinking while driving shouldn’t become a glorified characteristic.

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  1. All people deserve redemption: Cobra Kai operates on a rudimentary moral compass. Tory and Hawk’s character arc exemplifies how people can redeem themselves under the right circumstances. However, sometimes the show takes things too far. Not every antagonist turns around, and not every villain needs a sympathetic dimension. Who's The Actress Who Plays Tory In Cobra Kai? Everything You Need To Know About Peyton List

  1. Danger builds character: Johnny Lawrence is the heart of the show. However, his actions sometimes are beyond stupid. He exposes his students to unnecessary danger by throwing them into the pool with their hands tied, sticking them in concrete jars, and so much more. He makes them confront their fears that help build character. But unfortunately, these actions depict Johnny’s toxic side and are definitely not good advice.

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  1. Ignorance is funny: While the show is set to be apolitical, Johnny’s attitude towards specific show components is ignorant. His “funny” take on culture, gender identity, feminism, etc., is simply insensitive. This “comedy” can rub a lot of people the wrong way. 

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  1. All vegans are bad people: Cobra Kai is a show which glorifies a dangerous, living-on-edge kind of lifestyle, and so, vegans are an easy target for jokes. While occasional jokes for light laughs work, Cobra Kai pushes its limit. The show cruelly mocks Hipster Culture and Veganism. The related comedy feels immature and childish. This hardened stance against veganism feels ill-informed. Cobra Kai: The Best Johnny-vs-Technology Scenes, Ranked - Paste

  1. Your teenage years define you: This is one of the show’s broader themes. It has been brought up time and again. This message is ironic because the show also says that the past doesn’t define a person. Cobra Kai makes the happenings of teenage years absolute instead of formative. Because while they tell the students to focus on the present, they do so because they feel “ruined” because of their conflicted past. 

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What other terrible lessons do you think Cobra Kai teaches you?

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