Cobra Kai To Have Multiple Spin-Offs, Set Up A “Cobra Kai Universe”

One of the most perfect shows ever to hit any streaming service, Cobra Kai has enjoyed massive popularity over the years. The show perfectly balances nostalgia while adding new facets and elements to existing character arcs. The phrase “Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy” has been etched onto our retinas. Cobra Kai season 3 hit Netflix just a few days ago. Fans could not get enough of the show. And if rumors are to be trusted, fans just might be getting more.

Cobra Kai co-creators Jon Hurwitz and Josh Heald have claimed they have multiple potential Cobra Kai Spin-Off projects in the work. If Netflix allows it, we could actually have a Cobra Kai universe!!

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In a recent interview with, Jon Hurwitz was heard saying something that might intrigue Cobra Kai fans. He said Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz actually built the series so that it could break off into several potential spin-off series. There are tons of storylines to explore in solo Cobra Kai spin-off shows. The creators even drew comparison between Cobra Kai and another great TV Show that was given the spin-off treatment.

These were his exact words:

“The hope is that these characters are in a place that could lead to more stories down the road. We love the show Breaking Bad, for example.”

It is quite interesting to see Hurwitz compare the show to the legendary Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad’s spin-off show, better Call Saul, is an equally enjoyable drama thriller. Cobra Kai may not have the same popularity as Breaking Bad but it does have an even more powerful legacy. It is built on the foundations of the cult classic Karate Kid franchise. So Hurwitz’s comparison is more than just a hollow show of force. It carries weight. Cobra Kai could actually reach Breaking Bad’s level by following in its footsteps.

Jon Hurwitz went on to mention Better Call Saul in the same interview:

“We love how that story concluded, but you’re still living in that Breaking Bad universe. The same can be said for Cobra Kai down the road.”

Better Call Saul carried the torch forward for Breaking Bad. Saul Goodman’s claim to fame was at times considered to be even better than Heizenberg’s. Like Breaking Bad, Cobra Kai has tons of interesting characters that could be given similar treatment. Everyone from Chozen to John Kreese can be potential targets for a spin-off series.

Cobra Kai Season 3 has done a bang on job of taking the story further. Former Cobra Kai Dojo owner Johnny Lawrence and his rival Daniel LaRusso have set aside their differences to join forces against John Kreese, the new owner of Cobra Kai. The show has a lot to offer for fans of the Karate Kid franchise. It will take you down those sweet and nostalgic memory lanes you grew up in. If multiple Cobra kai Spin-Off shows manage to capture that magic as well as take the story forward like the original series, then it is all the more reason to watch out for a Cobra Kai universe.



Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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