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‘Oh My God, You Kidding Me?!’: Colin Farrell Open to Returning to Deliver Another Class Act as the Penguin in The Batman 2

As Matt Reeves undertakes the responsibility of The Batman sequel, a news which was announced in April’s CinemaCon; Colin Farrell, who plays The Penguin in the 2022 release, expressed his enthusiasm upon being questioned on a potential return to Reeves’ Batverse. The Batman was a gritty endeavor; a closer inspection of Batman’s character, his relationship with Gotham City, which is on the brink of descending into madness, and the themes of heroic vigilantism. Many argued that Reeves’ take on the classic DC superhero was a reconstruction of what we’ve seen so far, including the Nolan trilogy and the Affleck-led efforts.

The news of a potential sequel set the fans’ excitement ablaze. Actor Colin Farrell was no exception to the contagious enthusiasm for the future project of The Batman.

The Batman
The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves

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Colin Farrell On Reprising His Role For The Batman Sequel

The Penguin
The Penguin

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The movie which saw its release on 4th March 2022 became an instant blockbuster. Whilst many showed initial reluctance for Pattinson’s Caped Crusader, the reception after the release was staggering. Domestic box-office receipts for the first weekend of The Batman’s release mounted up to $134.0 million, an eminent number that was a force to reckon with. It is no surprise that the actors, besides Robert Pattinson himself, are looking to return in the upcoming sequel; the Matt Reeves cinematic flavor is something everyone wants a second taste of.

Colin Farrell's insane transformation into The Penguin
Colin Farrell’s portrayal of The Penguin

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Before Colin Farrell’s interview with Entertainment Tonight, Paul Dano, who was seen in the role of the fan-favorite Riddler, stated that he would love to return in the future of The Batman. Matching Dano’s eagerness, Farrell had the following to say when he was asked whether he would return for the sequel that Reeves is currently ideating:

“Oh my god, you kidding me?! It’s so much fun, are you joking [with] me? I’ve been around the block, man. That was an easy sport, I mean… it was a joy.”

Hence, it might not be a surprise if fans do get a glimpse of The Penguin in the future sequel.

Colin Farrell Set To Return In The Penguin Spin-off

Colin Farrell, currently working on The Penguin spin-off

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While fans would be ecstatic to see the crime-lord in the upcoming The Batman sequel, the actor has quite a lot on his plate at the minute. Even before the film came out, Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot had a stupendous fan response. So much so that HBO Max is presently developing a series around the infamous DC villain. While Matt Reeves will not be the showrunner of the HBO Max series, calling him “meticulous”, Farrell stated that the director is very much involved.

Farrell had shocked the fans with his insane transformation as the criminal mastermind of Gotham City. It would be interesting to see what the Penguin spin-off has to offer when it comes to the narrative of the DC villain. In the film, we merely got a taste of what Cobblepot represents. It would be intriguing to see how his origin is handled in the series; and how it may potentially tie up to the plot of The Batman 2. 

The Penguin spin-off
The Penguin Spin-off is in development

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While you await the release dates of the upcoming Reeves’ Batverse projects, you can catch The Batman, exclusively streaming on HBO Max.

Source: ET 

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