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“Come on The Rock?”- Fitness Freak Joe Rogan Is 100% Sure Dwayne Johnson Is on Steroids to Achieve His Insane Physique

Joe Rogan Dwayne Johnson

Joe Rogan has been an American commentator on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience for as long as people can remember. The 55-year-old has found himself in several controversies over the years including racism, racial slurs, and so on.

Joe Rogan, when talking about WWE, let his thoughts slip out whether Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson along with Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker used to take steroids or not. Joe Rogan confirmed that the WWE superstars are indeed on steroids to achieve their insane bodies.

Joe Rogan claims WWE superstars take steroids.
Joe Rogan claims WWE superstars take steroids.

Joe Rogan Accuses The Rock of Taking Steroids

Not a month goes by without Joe Rogan digging himself into some new controversy to dive into. The American Podcaster was talking about UFC vs WWE wherein a point was made that UFC fighters weren’t as jacked up compared to the WWE superstars.

Dwayne Johnson was accused by Joe Rogan.
Dwayne Johnson was accused by Joe Rogan.

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Joe Rogan (being Joe Rogan) claimed that all the WWE superstars including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker have bulky physiques thanks to the usage of steroids. Along with Joe Rogan was Tony Hinchliffe talking about UFC vs WWE when Joe Rogan made this remark.

“Tony, you weigh six pounds and you’re talking about a guy who is immensely super athletic and is probably about 260. Of course. They have all done something.” 

Although the statement was indeed true for an earlier era i.e., the 1980s and 1990s, WWE has found itself a strict anti-drug policy following an incident in the 90s. WWE superstar The Undertaker had remarked that WWE wrestlers indeed used to take a substance to bulk up their physiques in the 1990s but do not do anymore.

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Joe Rogan Challenged By A Flat Earther

Joe Rogan.
Joe Rogan.

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In recent news, a UFC fighter by the name of Bryce Mitchell slammed Joe Rogan for calling flat-earthers idiots. The UFC fighter claimed that he was once an atheist and all the science cr*p was forced into his mind. He believes that the Earth is flat and that the sun and all the celestial objects revolved around the Earth.

“They are trying to feed you these lies to make you think that science is right, and that God did not create the universe, the Big Bang did, okay? I used to be an atheist, I used to believe that the universe was created by the Big Bang, I used to believe all that cr*p from Neil DeGrasse Tyson, okay? And, I’m just so sick and tired of hearing your cr*p, Joe, about flat-Earthers being stupid. Boy, I will smoke you in a debate.”

The UFC fighter challenged Joe Rogan to a debate and claimed that he will “smoke him”. Joe Rogan is yet to entertain the topic and continues to do podcasts on The Joe Rogan Experience. The Joe Rogan Experience is available to stream on and listen to on Spotify.

Source: The Joe Rogan Experience

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