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Comic Book Characters That Haven’t Ever Died

We never want our favorite superheroes to ever die or even vanish. Nevertheless, some still do, while some never do. Those who die anyway find a way to return to life, as if our wish was granted. And yes, that sometimes works in a loop and becomes boring when stretched. So here’s a list of comic book characters that haven’t ever died.

1. Silver Surfer- He is the most powerful super being and almost destroyed Earth. He left his master and helped the people of the cosmos.Dar

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2. Daredevil- He has escaped death a lot of times, despite having no special powers. He only has heightened senses, and smartness makes him a dangerous character.

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3. Shazam- He is one of the most interesting comic book characters and hasn’t come close to death yet.

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4. Gambit- He is one of the X-Men, and unlike the rest of his fellow X-Men, he faces death only once. And, of course, he survived.

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5. Tim Drake- The only two Robins who did the job just right and also never died. One of which is Tim Drake.

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6. Dick Grayson- Not only did he survive being Batman’s Robin, but he also went on to become Nightwing. Even Batman was brought back to life, but he survived all the brutal criminals.


7. Luke Cage- The character came to meet the fans in 2016, and ever since, he has been nothing but indestructible and one of the favorite heroes too. We hope to see him around even more.

Luke Cage comic book characters

8. Invisible Woman- She is one of the Fantastic Four team members and also the one with the best powers. She not only can turn invisible but also control the invisible energy. This is also the reason why she is the only one from her team to be alive.

Invisible Woman comic book characters

9. Captain Marvel- Carol Danvers is the most powerful Avenger, and she’s basically undefeatable. She has faced death a few times but never died and thus became the A-lister.

Captain Marvel: comic book characters

10. Cyborg- He made his debut in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and is also DC’s high profile Black hero. He got his best screen time, so far, in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. 

Cyborg comic book characters

11. Kyle Rayner- Those who saw Kyle Rayner as the Green Lantern will agree with me that he was the best. The only time death came close to him was also just a ruse.

Kyle Rayner comic book characters

12. Juggernaut- Juggernaut can become a fierce opponent to many of Marvel’s toughest heroes, including The Hulk. He has been in a fight with so many of the toughest villains and heroes and always survived. 

comic book characters Juggernaut

13. Iceman- He isn’t as famous and familiar as the rest of the X-Men, but his powers are, nevertheless, undeniable. Because he has the power of replicating ice forms, he is practically immortal. 

Iceman, comic book characters

Written by FandomWire Staff