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Comic Book Villains You Didn’t Know Are Also Super Twisted Parents

The villains in comic books are notorious for being brutal and wicked. However, because the world of comic book characters is far more complex than it initially appears, even villains play multiple roles. They sometimes start their own families and become parents in addition to fighting superheroes. The relationship between antagonists and their offspring can take numerous forms, with some villains becoming good as a result of their children’s presence, while others use them as puppets in their wicked plots. Here’s a rundown of comic book villains who also happen to be parents:

1. Carnage: Spider-Man Nemesis

One of the comic book villains who is also a parent.
Supervillain appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics, usually as an enemy of Spider-Man.

Carnage is a more recent character who first appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man comics and has since risen to fame among the wall crawler’s most formidable foes. Venom gave birth to Carnage, as symbiotes may reproduce without the need for a partner. The toxin was the third major symbiote, and unlike the previous two, he is a hero. Carnage planned to destroy Toxin as soon as he was born so that he wouldn’t have any rivals. However, Venom saved his grandchild from death when he learned that Carnage was expecting a kid, believing that this new symbiote may be a comrade.

2. Loki: Brother, as well as the archenemy, of Thor

One of the comic book villains who is also a parent.
Based on the Norse deity of the same name, the Asgardian “God of Mischief”.

Loki has children, despite not being the most fatherly of figures. When he is condemned to Hades, he fathers the Son of Satan with an unnamed mother. Vali Halfling (alias Agamemnon) is his other son, born to Loki and a mortal woman. Finally, Loki has a daughter, Tess Black, a demigod whose mother is also human. That doesn’t even take into account Loki’s child from his well-known Marvel romance with Sigyn. They have one son together, Narvi Lokison, however, we never see him in the books. Thor: Ragnarok’s antagonist is Hela, the goddess of death. Hela is Odin’s firstborn child, whom he banishes from Asgard in the MCU. However, she is Loki’s daughter in the books.

3. Killmonger: Black Panther Villain

One of the comic book villains who is also a parent.
A skilled hunter and mercenary born in the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

Erik Killmonger is an antagonist whose fame has risen in recent years as a result of his remarkable performance in the 2018 film Black Panther. Because of his sudden popularity, he was given a miniseries last year. Despite the fact that Killmonger had been deceased for nearly a decade. Killmonger’s death tale also includes the revelation that he is a father. He leads a US-backed plot to depose T’Challa in the Black Panther narrative “Back to Africa”. However, Monica Rambeau executed him when this attempt fails. Killmonger had a son, who was now pledging revenge on the Black Panther, it was discovered later.

4. The Joker & Harley Quinn

Among the comic book villains who are also parents.
The most diabolical and abusive relationship in comic books.

The Joker should be the last person on Earth to have offspring since he’s violent, irrational, and erratic. Furthermore, he chooses to live in chaotic crime, which isn’t the perfect situation for a child to grow up in. Although the Joker’s relationship with Harley Quinn is very popular, many fans may be unaware that the two had a child together. It occurred in the Injustice series when Harley disclosed that she and the Joker have a four-year-old daughter, but she never revealed it to him, because she was afraid about her safety, and instead let the girl be kept with Harley’s sister.

5. Doctor Doom: The  monarch of Latveria

Among the comic book villains who are also parents.
Both a supervillain and antihero, most frequently depicted as the archenemy of the Fantastic Four.

Doctor Doom is one of the comic book villains who don’t even require an introduction. Numerous villains have pretended to be his children as a result of his reputation. Despite these rumors, the main Marvel universe only has one figure who is a child of Doctor Doom. Caroline le Fay is the one and only.  She was the product of a love affair between Arthurian legend Morgan la Fey and a time-traveling Doctor Doom.

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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