“This wasn’t the plan”: Concord Falls Flat as PlayStation’s Next Overwatch 2 has Fans Crying for the End of the Hero Shooter Trend

Saturated color palette, quirky characters, 5v5 gameplay—all the elements of a standard hero shooter.

Concord and Overwatch


  • Concord just got a brand-new look at today's State of Play, and some have been left disappointed.
  • Comparisons to Overwatch and Marvel are running rampant all across the gaming community.
  • Some gamers aren't too keen on another hero shooter in what feels like a dating gaming genre.
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As we just got an extensive look at Concord at the start of today’s State of Play, the first-ever game made by Sony’s newly acquired Firewalk Studios, many fans have already pointed out the game’s similarities with Overwatch 2.


Despite the game’s pretty visuals and quirky characters, at its core, it is still another hero shooter that the gaming community isn’t too keen on. There are noticeably cool aspects to what was shown, but ultimately, many feel that Sony may have dropped the ball with this one.

In Comes Another Hero Shooter; Concord Fails to Wow Fans of the Dated Genre

Some think that Concord doesn't do enough to stand out.
Some think that Concord doesn’t do enough to stand out.

Similar to other games in the genre, Concord will feature multiple characters, or heroes, to choose from. The ‘main cast‘ is comprised of the characters Lennox, Haymar, 1-Off, and Star Child, but their generic designs and over-the-top nature have many comparing them to Marvel characters.


The live-service nature of the title also draws a lot of comparison to the recently released Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a title that failed to keep its player base engaged.

Some users are also pointing out that the game still looks dated compared to other games in the genre.

Concord - Reveal Cinematic Trailer | PS5 Games

Despite PlayStation’s best attempt to sell it as the next big live-service title, especially after the explosive Helldivers 2, it may have just fallen completely flat.


This is even though the developers have said that the game will have expressive mobility and multiple approach options, similar to those of fighting and strategic games. Although that does sound like a breath of fresh air, to many, the displayed gameplay shows otherwise.

Concord Wants to Be the Next Overwatch, but Would It Be Better Off Not Following in its Footsteps?

Overwatch set the benchmark, but should other games try to replicate its success?
Overwatch set the benchmark, but should other games try to replicate its success?

The hero shooter genre was mainly popularized by Overwatch with its fun designs and genuinely fun gameplay. But some fans are getting sick and tired of other developers trying to mimic the game’s success and voiced their concerns quite clearly.


In fact, at the same State of Play, new footage from the upcoming Marvel Rivals game was shown, and once again, it’s another hero shooter.

But unlike Marvel Rivals, Concord doesn’t have any preexisting material to bounce off of. Some players would rather just play a single-player game with the same setting as characters, as opposed to just another hero shooter.


From a visual standpoint, the game still has cool abilities, and for Firewalk’s first game ever, it looks pretty decent all things considered. The developers have also announced that there will be a new cinematic every week post-launch to get you affiliated with the game’s cast.

Concord will officially release on August 23, 2024, or if you want to get an early taste, you can try out the game’s beta in July.

Do you think Concord will change up the hero shooter formula in any way? Let us know in the comments!


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