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“Consistent issues with lying about sobriety”: Unable To Find Any Major Breakthrough, Amber Heard Fans Poke Johnny Depp Where it Hurts – Bring Up His Painful Alcohol Addiction Memories

"Consistent issues with lying about sobriety": Unable To Find Any Major Breakthrough, Amber Heard Fans Poke Johnny Depp Where it Hurts - Bring Up His Painful Alcohol Addiction Memories

Johnny Depp has been slowly trying to rebuild his life after his tiring and lengthy trial against Amber Heard. Both of them took big hits on their careers and lives which seemed rather difficult to reconstruct. While Heard has been met with the bitter end, Depp is still able to step back into glory thanks to the massive support he got from his fans.

Johnny Depp testifies he's never 'struck any woman' | CNN
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

While Amber Heard’s supporters are fewer than Depp’s they still are part of a large group. Although there aren’t many who openly admit that they support her because of the impact that Depp and his fans have, the anonymity of social media allows many to speak their mind. This has given them an opportunity to hit back at Depp for his most vulnerable moments as a way to shine a light on Heard.

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Amber Heard Supporters Bring Back Johnny Depp’s Darkest Moments

Amber Heard‘s recent whereabouts state that she was far from the public eye. The constant hate that she has been receiving has pushed her to live in Spain under a false name just so she could spend time with her child. While Johnny Depp is already preparing for his next film, Heard is being boycotted by those that she is already a part of.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case begins at High Court
Johnny Depp with Amber Heard

Supporters of the actress have stepped forward to point out instances in Depp’s life that would show Heard to be an angel despite the trial being long over. They brought back some of his darkest moments including his struggle with alcohol and disregarded his fight against the addiction he had. Some even pointed out how during the time he claimed to be sober, he was far from it. They also pointed out how he had often blacked out because of intoxication and drug abuse. Fans have also claimed that he often contradicted his own statements in court to look good in front of the jury.

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Amber Heard Fans And Johnny Depp Fans Clash To Protect Their Star

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial aftermath summary: 3 July 2022 - AS USA
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Celebrities have stood by Johnny Depp’s side and have supported him throughout this difficult journey. Similarly, few celebrities have also openly admitted to taking Heard’s side. Fans too have not dropped a single opportunity to take either side and thrash at the other. Amber Heard supporters often get met with more backlash because of their allegations not having any proper base.

Johnny Depp’s fans have been supporting him full-fledged to make sure the actor is not misunderstood like the trial in London that backtracked his career by a lot. They want to see the actor be brought justice and for organizations to realize the asset that they lost.

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