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Keanu Reeves Would Have Met Jesus in Cancelled Constantine Sequel

A highly underrated movie, Keanu Reeves’ Constantine has become a cult classic ever since it was released way back in 2005. Many say that the movie was so far ahead of its time that it bounced off of the heads of all viewers. As a result, it was declared a Box Office Bomb. The Director of Constantine Francis Lawrence was so sure that Constantine would be a success that he had already pitched another interesting idea for a sequel. In the planned sequel that never left the drawing board, John Constantine would have met the Main Man him-self. The sequel would have seen Keanu Reeves’ Constantine meeting Jesus!!


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The news was made public by Producer of the 2005 Constantine movie Akiva Goldsman. Goldsman said that plenty of ideas were being considered but the most interesting and intriguing one was conjured up by Francis him-self. During a panel for the Constantine movie at Comic Con @Home, Akiva Goldsman claimed that the idea was preposterous and absolutely bonkers yet they went along anyway. They had knocked doors of various studios to bankroll the potential sequel. Everyone from Warner Brothers to Village Roadshow did not want to do anything with another Constantine movie. Hence the idea was shelved indefinitely.

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Goldsman goes on to explain one particular scene that would have shown the Hell Blazer and Jesus Christ in the same frame.

“I love that one of [John] wakes up in a cell, he has to identify a prisoner. Remember? It was [screenwriter Frank Cabello’s] idea. [The prisoner] was Jesus.”


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Now that would surely have been a sight for sore eyes. Constantine was stopped from gaining access to heaven and meeting his maker in the 2005 movie. Reeves’ character still wandered the bars and supernatural locations of Earth in search of a way to help innocent lives and get his ticket to Christ. But who knew that Constantine was set to meet Jesus Christ as a fellow cell-mate! Would he have even recognized that he was talking to the Son of God him-self?

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There have been some promising new developments in Warner Brothers Studios. They have recently given the Green Signal for a Justice League Dark miniseries. The Studio is also actively looking for people to helm a potential new Constantine movie. Keanu Reeves had vocally expressed his interest to play the character again. Lawrence and Goldsman have also said that they would be more than happy to return. It is all up to Warner Brothers to listen to the fans’ wishes and do it, at least for once, as per the viewer’s demands and not just do it as they please.

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John Constantine first made his debut in the comic book in 1985. He was a supporting character in DC Comics’ The Adventures of Swamp Thing #37. The 2005 cult classic movie of the same name also featured Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton, Shia LaBeouf, and Pruitt Taylor Vince. Fans have been extremely vocal about another Constantine movie as the character has regained a surge in popularity after being featured in his own cult classic TV Series of the same name (which was also discontinued by the way) as well as becoming a regular in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow show (played by Matt Ryan).


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Maybe when they make the sequel, they might consider adding this scene into the theatrical cut? Or would we be asking for too much here??

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