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10 Absolutely Horrifying Villains Constantine Has Fought & Defeated – Ranked!!

The greatest occultist that ever was, is, or will be – Constantine, has fought a myriad of supernatural foes as part of his many diverse adventures. Some of the villains Constantine has fought are so terrifying we are thankful we will never see them in the movies. Or will we??


constantine drummond

Drummond’s real name is not known. A long time ago, a local bully and enforcer with below average intelligence stumbled into the world of magic. Taking a liking to the mystic arts, Drummond learned of a way to transfer his soul to another body. When about to die, Drummond used the spell to make his soul get into the body of a dog. Now a local mob boss, Drummond was a talking dog with a penchant for human flesh. The local hounds would work for him and Drummond would force them to kill and maim people, bringing back homeless humans that nobody will miss so that he can feed on them. We do not know about you but a talking dog is creepy. But a talking dog that also doubles up as a man-eater is even creepier.

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Antone Arcane

constantine anton arcane

Antone Arcane was a man born in the 19th Century. Obsessed with unlocking the secret to immortality, Arcane’s grotesque hobbies would lead him to be shunned by society. After befriending Adolf Hitler, he convinced the Fuehrer about his goal of achieving eternal life. Hitler gave him access to an immense amount of dead bodies. By the time World War Two ended, Arcane had achieved his purpose. His body had become too frail and old though so he resorted to experimenting on the dark mystic arts, creating the sinister Un-Men. Anton Arcane does not use any weaponry. He is a man of razor sharp intellect that relies solely on sorcery to get the job done.


constantine beroul

Beroul is a Demon lord who owns a personal miniature hell of his own creation. He started his ‘business’ in California after he decided the only way to win over Hell was to topple it with an Artificial Hell of his own design. The demon lord captures John Constantine’s attention after Beroul captures the soul of a girl related to a friend of John’s. Beroul’s entire body is made up of cancer tissues. He possesses demonic magic and is a vast repository of knowledge dating back to biblical times. His powers allow him to capture and store a human soul within a single cell. Beroul’s true power is manipulating his foes. He is not immortal since John Constantine summoned a Death God to grievously harm him. Beroul can also shape-shift and has super human strength.


constantine mnemoth

Demons are entities created out of an intense collective of negative human emotions that accumulates and achieves sentience. The Demon known as Mnemoth originated in 1980’s Africa during a famine. Lack of food had driven people into starvation and from those feelings of absolute hunger, the Demon of Consumption and Avarice Mnemoth was born. Menmoth is attracted to hosts with a desire for consuming something. It was attracted to Constantine’s friend Gary because of his drug addiction. Mnemoth needs a human host to survive but it can be sealed with magic within a non-living object like a bottle or container. Mnemoth incites feelings of intense hunger and is known to give its hosts a primitive form of super human strength.


constantine pralaya

Pralaya is an entity that is he living embodiment of the void of nothingness that existed before the first light of creation created the Multi-Verse. Pralaya wants nothing but the multi-verse’s destruction so that the void could regain its rightful place. For Pralaya, every living thing that exists in the current reality is an abomination that should be erased out of existence. Creation was a mistake and Pralaya wants to rectify that by ushering in another era of absolute nothingness. She has incredibly powerful magic at her disposal like the Time gremlins, which made her a force to be reckoned with when Zatara and Constantine joined forces to stop her.

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constantine buer

In Christian Mythology, Buer is a demon who excels in understanding herbs and plants. A creature of the forest, Buer;s true form is that of a goat with multiple hands for limbs that surround him in a wheel like fashion. One of the first demons to be born, Buer first appeared in the DC Universe during the Critical Mass story arc. The entity is capable of the most diabolical of plans. It tried to put the First of the Fallen back to power, betraying the Second and the Third of the fallen. Buer is also not beneath kidnapping and sacrificing innocent young children as part of his evil schemes. This is one dude that will remain unfazed no matter how dirty his hands become.

Third of the Fallen

constantine third of the fallen

God created three Fallen Angels as part of a grander scheme so that Hell never truly gets a leader. The First, Second, and Third of the Fallen always bickered among themselves, trying to seize control of Hell and purgatory. Gods’ plan worked. His divide and conquer strategy meant Hell will always remain at the mercy of the three Fallen Angels’ wrath. The plan backfired when the Third of the fallen finally came out as the victor after an eternal power struggle. The Third of the Fallen’s shape-shifting abilities turned out to be the trump card. John Constantine sold his human soul to all three of the Fallen, re-igniting the rivalry between them and throwing hell again into the cauldron of chaos.


constantine nergal

Nergal is John Constantine’s greatest enemy and rival. A powerful Demon Lord hailing from ancient times, Nergal is a demon who was first mentioned in Judeo-Christian scriptures. His powers are far greater than any Demon in existence in the DC Universe. John Constantine, in an act of desperation, made a deal with Nergal to heal him of lethal wounds. Nergal lent him his blood and in return, John Constantine would help him bringing the Anti-Christ to the Earth. Constantine out-witted Nergal by making love to his girlfriend Zed and thus the prophecy of the Second Coming never came true. Nergal has been hot on Constantine’s heels ever since.


constantine Invunche

The Invunche is a demon that works as a supernatural hunter for the elite Brujeria. Its very origin story will give you the creeps. Invunche is created by putting together the severed arms of a dead baby. The limbs are put on the corpse of another body with a twisted head and then resurrected using powerful Black Magic. The Invunche is to the Witches of Brujeria what Ghost Rider of Marvel Comics is to Mephisto. An elite assassin that wanders the South American territories of the Brujeria, the Witches have sent it to go after John Constantine and his allies all the way to London. It is a ruthless supernatural entity you would not even dare to cross paths with.

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The Great Darkness

constantine great darkness

The Great Darkness was said to rule creation before the dawn of creation created the world and everything in it. A mythological entity hailing from the most ancient of times, the purpose of the Great Darkness was to consume and corrupt every living being on Earth. When John Constantine first debuted in the Saga of the Swamp Thing arc in DC Comics, the Great Darkness was the first villain he fought. The Witches of Brujeria believed that the Great Darkness would engulf the world and defeat God, which could help them rewrite creation in their image. Constantine and Swamp Thing convinced the Great Darkness that the world can neither be completely evil or totally good. Good and Evil need to co-exist together. This led to the entity merging with God.

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