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Cop That Looks Like Dwayne Johnson Ended Up Being Bitten by Obsessed Fan Asking For a Pic – She Thought He’s The Rock

The Rock Lookalike Eric Fields

There have been multiple occurrences where people are misunderstood for a celebrity or a famous person. Many times these people go viral due to their similarities with celebrities. A similar incident happened with Eric Fields, who looks quite similar to the Red Notice actor, Dwayne Johnson. Eric Fields is a lieutenant at Decatur, Alabama’s Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. He went viral on social media a year ago due to his similarities with The Rock. 

Dwayne Johnson's lookalike, Eric Fields
Dwayne Johnson’s lookalike, Eric Fields

After a year, Eric Fields once again confused the internet with his similarities with The Rock. A viral clip shows a group of people coming to him and posing for a picture, assuming that he is Dwayne Johnson. However, soon they realized that he was not the real The Rock but rather a lookalike who was enjoying his time on the beach. 

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Dwayne Johnson’s Doppelganger Gets Bitten by his Fan

There is no doubt that sometimes fans can go crazy over their favorite celebrity. They try everything to get a glimpse or try to meet them. The girl who spotted the Dwayne Johnson lookalike did something similar after she assumed that she met The Rock on her visit to the beach.

An Instagram account shared a short clip where the lookalike, Eric Fields, is seen taking pictures with a number of women. The video shows him looking at the camera and smiling as he plans to take a picture with them. However, soon one of the women starts sucking on his chest. 

Dwayne Johnson's Doppelganger gets bitten by a fan
Dwayne Johnson’s Doppelganger gets bitten by a fan

The description of the post says, “the girl was seen sucking on The Rock at the beach in Brazil where she was present with her friends….only to find out that it was not The Rock, but his doppelganger.” 

Going viral for being similar to an actor or celebrity might not be something new. But the girl’s action of biting the cop might not be what can be anticipated as something, one would do if they met their favorite star. 

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Dwayne Johnson Reacts to His Doppelganger

The lookalike discussion started on social media in 2021, after the Sheriff’s office shared a Facebook post. Later Fields also shared that many people mentioned that he looks a lot like the Jumanji star. After he went viral Dwayne Johnson himself reacted to the news by sharing a side-by-side image of himself and Eric Fields.

In his tweet, he even called him way cooler and told him to stay safe, and thanked the county sheriff for his service. He also said that he would love to catch up to him and would like to hear his “Rock Stories.” He said, “One day we’ll drink Teremana, and I need to hear all your Rock stories because I know you got’em.”

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson has recently completed his 20 years in Hollywood. The actor started his acting career in 2002 with The Scorpion King. He thanked his fans for supporting him over the years on this occasion. Dwayne Johnson is making his comeback with the upcoming DC film, Black Adam. He has claimed it will change the DCEU and lead the cinematic universe towards a better future. 

Black Adam is all set to release in theatres on October 21, 2022. 

Source: Instagram

Written by Laxmi Rajput

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