Cosplayer Gives Captain Marvel A Stunning Victorian Look


Captain Marvel is known as one of the strongest Avengers today, and having a cosmic power just enables her to assume several identities as well as costumes. Carol Danvers has had several powers, too, which come and go, and so are the outfits. And, sometimes, fans can be creative and will give the character a new form that comics creators have not thought of yet.

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How Carol Danvers Became Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel


Danvers assumed the name Ms. Marvel in the early days when she was just a supporting character in the original Captain Marvel comics. When she lost her powers to Rogue, she assumed the cosmic form Binary, her current entity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Finally, she claimed the title Captain Marvel in 2012 and has easily become the most popular version of the character.

Captain Marvel is a favorite character that fans love to cosplay. When one attends any convention, chances are, they will see a bunch of people wearing red and blue costumes. In a Reddit post that went viral, a fan cosplayed Captain Marvel and turned her into a 19th-century Victorian woman. The dress is adorned with ruffles and other delicate details that give the look a royal finish.


Captain Marvel As A Victorian Woman

Captain Marvel Cosplay

Aknie, the cosplayer, gave a twist to the design and made it look as if the character actually lived in Victorian England. From the hairstyle to the dress details, everything is on point. Instead of Danver’s signature helmet, the cosplayer wore a hat with yellow feathers. She even made a matching purse to complete the look.


Cosplay is a great way to bring out one’s creativity, and this might also be a good idea for a new comics story. The photo received both applause and criticism, but not everyone can sew dresses, so it is safe to say that Aknie did a really great job.


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